Seymour ‘I was blindsided’

Ian Logue
September 12, 2009 at 8:30 am ET

Ron Borges of the Boston Herald conducted an intereview this morning with recently traded defensive lineman Richard Seymour, and the veteran said in his interview that the team’s decision to ship him off to Oakland left him “blindsided” and struggling to get his personal matters in order.

“First of all, I was blindsided by this whole event,” Seymour told the Herald. “When you get blindsided, you should take a moment to gather your thoughts. I have a lot of personal issues more pressing than football.”

According to the newspaper this move is going to obviously have a major effect on his family. He has four children, plus, he is the guardian of his 15-year-old cousin whose mother has passed. The 15-year-old had reportedly been in school in South Carolina until this year, at which point he was starting high school in North Attleboro. Needless to say this trade has caused a major change in plans for his family.

After having a week to sort things out, Seymour’s wife and family are reportedly moving back to South Carolina (where they are from) and Richard will head to Oakland by himself.

Seymour also told the newspaper if fans want to watch for him with his new team, he’ll be wearing No. 92 on Monday Night when the Raiders host the San Diego Chargers.

  • LyssaK

    Ravens gave it their all and put up an awesome fight. Patriots had a LOT of missed opportunities that could have made this win margin even wider. Brady’s INT a perfect example. Flacco, on the other hand, after Browner came out he decided to do as all other QB’s before him do and tried to take advantage of Logan Ryan. Unfortunately for him the safeties seemed to expect that and were there to help. Result 2INTs