Manning Over Brady For All Decade Team?

Ian Logue
June 23, 2009 at 8:48 pm ET

Former Boston Globe columnist and one of my favorite guys Michael Smith puts Peyton Manning over Tom Brady for the “All Decade” team for quarterbacks. 

No offense Michael…but I think you’re out of your mind. Three Super Bowl rings, an undefeated regular season, and breaking Manning’s touchdown record should say enough to end this discussion.

  • Joe Sweeney

    Michael Smith is out of his mind. How can you compare Manning to Brady as being the best all decade team? Have we been watching the same NFL? Brady has beaten Mannings own tochdown record and has 3 rings to back it up. I hope he isnt writting in Boston anymore. Knowing how die hard our fans are I would think he knows he made a few haters in the Bean.