Former Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi Delivers Inspiring Speech at Arizona

Ian Logue
April 15, 2013 at 05:37pm ET

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Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi was known for his intensity on the field during his tenure here in New England and despite a career in the media very little has changed.

Bruschi was known as an intense player during his career in New England. (FILE:USPresswire)
During a visit last Friday as part of alumni weekend at the University of Arizona, Bruschi spoke to the players and delivered a speech that apparently hit home with the same force he delivered to opponents as a member of the Patriots.

According to an article in the Tucson Citizen Bruschi got fired up during his address to the players, leaving many of them blown away by what they had just heard.

“It was like you were sitting in the middle of a movie and someone is doing that amazing pregame speech that is scripted. But, yeah, he came in there with nothing scripted. He just came in,” Arizona linebacker Jake Fischer told the newspaper.

“At first, he was getting himself riled up just because he was talking about how he used to play here and how he used to be so good, but no one gave him respect and he was always fighting for that respect, always trying to prove people wrong."

Bruschi knows exactly what it's like to have to overcome the doubters.  He was a defensive tackle at Arizona and was considered by many critics to be "too small" and some questioned how good of an NFL player he'd be.

Fortunately the former 3rd round pick moved over to linebacker and went on to be a great player in New England and came away with three Super Bowl rings as well as being part of an undefeated regular season.

Even though his career is over, clearly the fire is still there and he did a great job in making sure the players who were there walked away realizing what it takes to be winners.

“It was awesome," Fischer said.  "Awesome. He was at the top of his lungs. You look around and you could tell by the look in some of the guys’ eyes, they were like ‘Holy, sh–.'"

Sounds like he got his message across.