Belichick Reaches Milestone With Victory Over Jets

Ian Logue
November 23, 2012 at 04:11am ET

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Belichick on the sideline during Thursday night's win. (FILE:USPresswire)

Patriots fans haven't seen a losing season since 2000, with head coach Bill Belichick having finished every season since then with at least a winning record.

Obviously they've enjoyed plenty of success over the years and Thursday night's victory over the Jets helped him achieve yet another milestone after Belichick became the 8th coach in NFL history to reach the 200 win milestone.

“Well, it’s been a privilege and a great opportunity to coach the players that won those games," Belichick told reporters after the game.  "I didn’t make a block, didn’t make a tackle, didn’t throw a pass, didn’t kick a ball. The players win them, but it’s an honor to coach the group of players to really go out there and make the plays to win those games and that’s the way it was today. The players went out there, they made the plays and they deserved to win.

"It’s a privilege to coach this team. For Mr. Kraft, the Kraft family, the Patriots organization and the players that are on it. It’s nice, but I think it’s really more a reflection of what the players have done. They win them.”

According to Patriots owner Robert Kraft also gave Belichick the game ball to celebrate the acheivement.

Tom Brady told reporters that the fact Belichick gets the best out of all of his players is what makes him so great.

“I mean, there’s no coach I’d ever want to play for other than him," said Brady.  "He’s so consistent. As players, I think we really appreciate him even though he’s tough and he’s disciplined, but that’s what we need. That’s the way our program’s run. He expects us to play at a high level every week.  He has high expectations in practice everyday and I think that’s what you look for in a coach - someone that gets the best out of all of the players that he coaches. He certainly does that.”