BY THE NUMBERS: Spotlight on the Patriots Rushing Attack From Monday Night

Ian Logue
August 21, 2012 at 09:11pm ET

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You can see a directional breakdown of last night's rushing attack in the diagram above.

Looking back at last night's game against the Eagles, the Patriots runningbacks found themselves challenged by an extremely tough Eagles defensive line.

Shane Vereen, Stevan Ridley, and Brandon Bolden earned every single yard they were able to fight for Monday night, with both being held to right around 2.0 yards per carry. Here's a look at how it shaped up:


Left End
No attempts

Left Tackle
Stevan Ridley: 1 carry, 0 yards

Left Guard
Brandon Bolden: 3 carries, 13 yards (4.3 avg)
Stevan Ridley: 1 carry, -2 yards (-2.0 avg)

Stevan Ridley: 6 carries, 17 yards (2.8 avg)
Shane Vereen: 5 carries, 10 yards (2.0 avg)
Danny Woodhead: 1 carry, 2 yards (2.0 avg)
Brandon Bolden: 3 carries, 2 yards (0.7 avg)

Right Guard
Stevan Ridley: 2 carries, 10 yards (5.0 avg)
Shane Vereen: 3 carries, 5 yards (1.7 avg)

Right Tackle
Shane Vereen: 2 carries, 5 yards (2.5 avg)

Right End
Brandon Bolden: 1 carry, -1 yard (-1.0 avg)


1st Down:
Stevan Ridley: 6 carries, 21 yards (3.5 avg)
Shane Vereen: 6 carries, 11 yards (1.8 avg)
Brandon Bolden: 5 carries, 5 yards (1.0 avg)

2nd Down:
Shane Vereen: 4 carries, 9 yards (2.3 avg)
Stevan Ridley: 3 carries, 4 yards (1.3 avg)

3rd Down:
Brandon Bolden: 2 carries, 9 yards (4.5 avg)
Danny Woodhead: 1 carry, 2 yards (2.0 avg)
Stevan Ridley: 1 carry, 0 yards.

Stevan Ridley: 10 carries, 25 yards (2.5 avg)
Shane Vereen: 10 carries, 20 yards (2.0 avg)
Brandon Bolden: 7 carries, 14 yards (2.0 avg)
Danny Woodhead: 1 carry, 2 yards (2.0 avg)