INSIDE THE NUMBERS: No Carries by Patriots Backs on 3rd Down Sunday

Ian Logue
October 19, 2011 at 06:54pm ET

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Taking a look inside the numbers from Sunday's win over Dallas, it's pretty clear that the right side of New England's offensive line had a bit more luck keeping the Cowboys at bay when it came to the running game.

Obviously they must have realized that coming in, because the majority of attempts favored that side of the field.

Green-Ellis and the Patriots had much more success running to the right side than they did to the left against Dallas. (FILE:Icon/SMI)

Here's how the rushes broke down by direction:


Tom Brady: 1 carry, 8 yards (8.0 avg)

BenJarvus Green-Ellis: 3 carries,1 yard (0.3 avg)

Stevan Ridley: 1 carry, -1 yards (-1.0 avg)

TOTALS: 5 carries, 8 yards (1.6 avg)


Stevan Ridley: 1 carry, 4 yards (4.0 avg)

BenJarvus Green-Ellis: 2 carries, 4 yards (2.0 avg)

Tom Brady: 2 carries, 4 yards (2.0 avg)

Danny Woodhead: 2 carry, 1 yards (0.5 avg)

TOTALS: 7 carries, 13 yards (1.9 avg)


BenJarvus Green-Ellis: 9 carries, 59 yards, (5.9 avg)

Stevan Ridley: 1 carry, 16 yards (16.0 avg)

Danny Woodhead: 2 carries, 6 yards (3.0 avg)

Tom Brady: 1 carry, 5 yards (5.0 avg)

TOTALS: 13 carries, 80 yards (6.2 avg)


BenJarvus Green-Ellis: 14 carries, 58 yards (4.1 avg)

Stevan Ridley: 3 carries, 19 yards (6.3 avg)

Tom Brady: 4 carries, 17 yards (4.3 avg)

Danny Woodhead: 4 carries, 7 carries (1.8 avg)

TOTALS: 25 carries, 101 yards (4.0 avg)

It's interesting to note they only had 2 carries on third down, with Brady accounting for both of them.  As a matter of fact, New England only has 12 total rushing attempts on 3rd down all season.

Here are the rushing numbers by down from Sunday's game:

BenJarvus Green-Ellis

1st Down - 8 carries, 44 yards (5.5 avg)

2nd Down - 6 carries, 14 yards (2.3 avg)

Tom Brady

1st Down - 1 carry, 5 yards (5.0 avg)

2nd Down - 1 carry, 8 yards (8.0 avg)

3rd Down - 2 carries, 4 yards (2.0 avg)

Stevan Ridley

1st Down - 2 carries, 3 yards (1.5 avg)

2nd Down - 1 carry, 16 yards (16.0 avg)

Danny Woodhead

1st Down - 2 carries, 3 yards (1.5 avg)

2nd Down - 2 carries, 4 yards (2.0 avg)

You can find more stats from this game and this season in our stats database, which gives you the ability to sort by down, quarter, etc. You can also view stats by direction for both rushing and receiving.

Our database is can be reached by CLICKING HERE