Aaron Hernandez Starts, But Leaves in the Second Quarter

Ian Logue
October 09, 2011 at 05:09pm ET

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Patriots fans got some surprising news, with tight end Aaron Hernandez starting Sunday's contest against the New York Jets, but his return would be short lived.

Hernandez, who was targeted officially twice through the first two quarters, appeared to re-injure his left knee on a play in the second quarter.

On the play Patriots quarterback Tom Brady went deep down the left sideline on a pass attempt to Hernandez, but facing pressure, he under threw it.  The second year tight end turned around to try and come back for it, but he fell down - and as he fell backward, Jets defensive back Kyle Wilson also fell down, landing on the tight end's knee.

Wilson was ultimately called for illegal contact  negating the play, but Hernandez hobbled off.  He missed just one play, but has since reportedly  gone to the locker room.

The Patriots tight end did come out on the field to start the game wearing a brace on his knee, so hopefully since he had that brace on, it prevented whatever the injury is from being too serious.

Needless to say we'll have to keep an eye on this and see if he returns.

UPDATE: Hernandez is back on the field and in the huddle in the closing minutes of the second quarter, and caught a 5-yard pass to start the drive.  He ultimately finished the first half with 3 catches for 26 yards, but had a key touchdown drop that went off his hands and was picked off by New York's Antonio Cromartie in the closing seconds that killed a potential scoring drive.  It was also Brady's first ever career red zone interception at home.