Patriots RB Medlin Released With Two Others, But He Sealed His Fate Last Night Against the Giants

Ian Logue
September 02, 2011 at 03:33pm ET

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Christopher Price of reports that the Patriots have released three players on Friday, including runningback Richard Medlin, receiver Buddy Farnham, and offensive lineman Jonathan Compas.

Farnham and Compas were longshots to make the roster, and unfortunately considering the demanding job the Patriots expect from their runningbacks, Medlin's performance against the Giants last night more or less sealed his fate.

Medlin made some key mistakes, fumbling on the Patriots end of the field and the Giants returned it for what ended up being the game winning touchdown after New York converted the 2-point attempt.

To make matters worse, on New England's final drive, he couldn't handle the job of picking up the Giants blitzes.  He got completely overpowered by Giants linebacker Jacquian Williams, who bowled him back on both of the back-to-back sacks on quarterback Ryan Mallett on what could have been the game winning drive.  He also had a play on that drive where they tried to set up a screen, but he took too long to get past the line, forcing Mallett to throw it away.   That set up a 4th and 30, which Nate Solder committed a false start on - which set up a 4th and 35.

We all know what happened from there.

It's unfortunate because Medlin had started out well for New England, carrying 14 times for 54 yards along with two touchdowns in their week one game against the Jaguars.  Unfortunately it just didn't work out, and now he'll be trying to find a new team.