Patriots Players in Today for Conditioning Runs

Ian Logue
July 27, 2011 at 10:49am ET

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Former Patriot Tedy Bruschi knows how tough the conditioning runs are. (FILE:Icon/SMI)
After a long offseason, and short notice for a return to work, the players are reportedly in Foxboro this morning and are undergoing their conditioning runs.

Former Patriot, Tedy Bruschi, outlined the process during a Q&A with Mike Reiss last year with ESPN, with Bruschi saying that his test was three sets of ten 50-yard sprints. Bruschi said that each sprint had to be completed in seven seconds, with players having 30 seconds in between each sprint.   From there players got a break of three minutes in between the three sets of ten 50-yard sprints.

Considering how fast the CBA finally came together, it should be interesting to see how many players do/don't complete the run compared to past years.

The official site has a couple of photos this morning, including Danny Woodhead and Patrick Chung during their runs, which appear to be taking place inside the Patriots practice bubble.

Save for player transactions it's likely going to be a quiet day, as these runs and workouts are closed to the public.   However, we'll have updates throughout the day as they become available.