Tom Pedulla of USA Today wrote an article this morning, naming the Patriots as the NFL’s Franchise of the decade.

According to the article, the dozen NFL editors and reporters¬†who work for¬†USA TODAY more or less agreed that New England deserved the honor, with 11 of them giving the Patriots the nod.¬† Apparently the one who disagreed chose the Colts and blamed “Spygate” as his reason.

I don’t get how there can even be an argument about this category, and never understood how there could be a discussion.¬† You can make the argument for both sides when it comes to Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady, and even make a case for a Ben Roethlisberger when discussing QB of the decade depending on what numbers or statistics you wish to cite.¬† Arguing over an individual player is obviously more subjective and you’ll always have someone who disagrees.

However, there really can’t be any rational reason you wouldn’t give them that honor.¬† No other NFL team during the 2000’s won three titles, or finished an entire regular season undefeated.¬† Obviously the Steelers would be the next choice, as they won two titles during that decade.¬† Considering how difficult it is to win a Super Bowl to begin with, to do it multiple times is quite a feat and certainly should receive recognition.

The Colts would be third, as they won a championship and appeared in another, and have consistantly had a winning record over the course of each season.

Other than that I don’t see what else you could base it on.¬† New England’s three titles and the fact that they only missed the playoffs three times during that span¬†should be a no-brainer.¬†¬† Their only¬†losing season was the 2000 year when former Patriots QB Drew Bledsoe led them to a disappionting 5-11 record.¬† Pedulla also points out that their 126 wins in the 2000’s, (counting regular season and postseason), represent the best mark for a decade in NFL history.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft told Pedulla that, “At the risk of sounding immodest,” he said, “I believe we are the team of the decade.”

I believe he’s right.