Jarvis Green's Last Year In New England?

Ian Logue
July 23, 2009 at 09:40am ET

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Patriots defensive lineman Jarvis Green spoke to the Louisiana Terrebonne Parish recently, and told the newspaper he missed Louisiana, and would like to finish his career with the Saints.

“I miss Louisiana — I miss the food, I miss the people, and I miss the weather,” Green said. “In two or three months, it’s 10-15 degrees in New England, so I like this 90-100 degree weather.”

Green, who is in his final year of his contract with New England, also said that this is his "last year" with the Patriots. Whether or not he was pointing out that he was in the final year of his contract, or if he intends to leave after this season is hard to say based on that quote. However New England fans know what the winters are like here, so if Green prefers the weather in the south not many here could blame him. He was born in Donaldsonville Louisiana, but his wife and their three children live in New England most of the year, including the offseason.

Green was drafted by the Patriots in the 4th round (126th overall) of the 2002 draft.

UPDATE: Christopher Gasper of the Boston Globe got an update from Green regarding his quotes, and the defensive lineman told him that what he said came out the wrong way.

“I don’t think I said it like that,’’ said Green. “Me being from Louisiana and playing at LSU and all that, you say it would be a dream to play for the Saints. But I’d love to stay a Patriot, if that happens. I’ve been there seven years, won a lot of games, two Super Bowls. If I could retire as a Patriot, that would be a dream.

“It came out in print the wrong way. I didn’t say it that way. It’s like anybody who lives in Texas talking about playing for Dallas or Houston. I’m a Patriot. I have been for seven years.’’

His agent, Albert Elias, said he's been in contact about an extension with the Patriots but nothing has come of it yet. However he emphasized that Green wants to stay a Patriot.

“Jarvis wants an extension with the New England Patriots. That’s what he wants,’’ said Elias. “We called them about it. We want [him] to remain and retire a New England Patriot. Who wouldn’t? He’s involved in the community. He loves the city. He loves Coach [Bill] Belichick. He loves [defensive line coach Pepper Johnson]. He’s won two Super Bowls. He’d be foolish to go anywhere else.’’