Rodney Harrison Tired of Favre Saga

Ian Logue
June 24, 2009 at 07:36pm ET

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Former Patriot Rodney Harrison was on the Dan Patrick show earlier today, and had some choice words for quarterback Brett Favre.

Favre, who recently underwent surgery on his bicep) is reportedly poised to join the Minnesota Vikings and extend his career another season. The vast majority of fans are tired of this saga, and Harrison appears to agree with them.

"From the player's I've talked to, a lot of them seem to think Brett Favre is pretty selfish," Harrison said. "Each and every offseason bringing so much attention to himself. It's just really a disappointment to hear that time and time again.

"If you've been in the league 13, 14, 15 years or so you know if you want to play. The circus shouldn't have to go on for three to four years. It's just a disappointment. Then the media they're just so caught up and in love with Brett Favre ... It's ridiculous because a lot of guys are doing good, positive things in the National Football League and those keep things keep getting overlooked."

Harrison also said he would take Matt Cassel over Favre to quarterback his team. Harrison said Cassel is a "young stud," while Favre's interceptions (22 last season with the Jets) are a big problem.

Patriots fans shouldn't expect a return by Harrison this year. Dan asked Harrison if Bill Belichick called him midseason, would he consider going back to New England. Harrison said "no way ... even for $10 million."