Could The Patriots Be the Permanent Visiting Team For The NFL London Game?

Russ Goldman
June 28, 2012 at 09:14am ET

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Patriots owner Robert Kraft gave an interview to Sky Sports. He talked about several subjects including his desire to see the UK have an NFL franchise within the time period of the next ten years. He also discussed wanting the Patriots to be the permanent visiting team for the yearly London game.
Robert Kraft stated to Sky Sports, "We lobbied hard to come back after having such a good experience in 2009. We would love to be the permanent visiting team. It was good for team bonding and everyone really enjoyed our last trip to London.

The amount of Patriots fans in the UK is incredible, and their knowledge of the team and the game is at an extremely high level. If you get a chance check out, and see for yourself.

I have met with the members of the last two seasons they have come over to see a game at Gillette Stadium. These fans do not have the same coverage we have here to see the NFL and the Patriots. All the Patriots games are not covered, so they use social media along with websites on the internet to stay connected to the team.  Their passion for the Patriots is the same as mine.
Mr. Kraft also said  "I'm really proud that we're the number one-supported team in the UK and have been for close to a decade. In the last few years that support has been enhanced. We have a thriving Patriots UK Fan Club and they come across the pond every year and attend a game. We love our brothers and sisters over here in the UK."

I interact with these fans very often across the pond, so I am very well aware of their interest in the Patriots. If they were to become the permanent visiting team for this London game, I think it would only increase the amount of fans we currently have in the UK, and that is a great thing.

I don't see the downside here for the Patriots to see if this is a possibility with the NFL. As long as the Patriots are not the home team, they would have an away game that I think could be something the team looks forward to every season, and would only bring further awareness to the New England Patriots.

If I were Mr. Kraft, I would push hard to make the Patriots the permanent visiting team for the London game. The fans over in the UK deserve it, and Patriots Nation would have another way to grow even larger.