’s Doug Kyed said it best with “a win that presented more questions than answers”. This win was a huge one for the newly balanced offense but left us with an injured Jerod Mayo and a defense that couldn’t stop my grandma.


  • Stevan Ridley
    • Ridley ran 97 yards and one touchdown. He provides the team with a spark and has a much higher ceiling than Law Firm. Initially I hated the Ridley pick, but this kid has turned me into a fan
  • Wes Welker
    • Welker had 158 yards and a touchdown. He is the team’s top target once again
  • Pat Chung
    • Chung made a crucial interception in the endzone with a cast on his hand
  • Bill O’Brian
    • A balanced play calling was key to winning this game and that’s just what Bill O’Brian did, so props to him


  • Shaun Ellis
    • Why are we paying this man money? Today he showed up for the wrong reason; missed tackles
  • Sergio Brown
    • Brown played the horrible angle game


  • Can the Patriots stop the Raider’s running game?
    • Darren McFadden was held to 75 yards, so yes, the Pats stopped the Raider’s running game
  • Will the Patriots run the ball efficiently?
    • I would of liked the Pats to run Ridley a little bit more, but overall, yes the Pats ran it efficiently
  • How many touches will Stevan Ridley get?
    • Ridley had 10 carries for 97 yards and one TD
  • Will Tom throw an interception?
    • To answer the question, nope, but for most of the day Tom looked great
  • Will the Patriots start out in a 3-4 or a 4-3?
    • It was a mix, but it seemed that the 4-3 was working


  • Even though we won, this game left a bad taste in my mouth
  • Jerod Mayo is going to be out 4 -6 weeks
  • I heard Seattle was shopping Aaron Curry for a 7th round pick. I would give a 6th round pick for him right now
  • I know this post game recap is a bit short, but I’m a bit burned out right now due to other things right now (cough  Android App for PatsFans  cough)

Favorite Tweets:
During the game I read hundreds of tweets and there are some good ones out there…

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