This game can not be described in words other than the fact the Patriots shot themselves in the foot. For Pete’s sake, a 31 yard penalty was called on the Pats!


  • Wes Welker
    • With 2 touchdowns and 217 yards on the day, Wes did everything possible to help the Patriots
  • Rob Gronkowski
    • Gronk also had 2 touchdowns and 109 yards and like Welker, Gronk did everything possible to help the Patriots


  • Ochocinco
    • Ochocinco no longer has it. He was quiet most of the game and then drops an easy touchdown.
  • The Pats Safities
    • James Sanders and Brandon Meriweather look like kings now…
  • Devin McCourty
    • I’m calling out Devin McCourty. He got beat consistently, he let a few bombs go his way, and then he tackles Fred Jackson at the 1 yard line which gives the offense no chance to come back. Not acceptable.
  • Benjarvus Green-Ellis
    • Green-Ellis was stuffed all day and did not hit any of the holes. Lawrence Maroney anyone?
  • Bill Belichick
    • “Bill Belichick the GM has let down Bill Belichick the coach”


  • Will Devin McCourty show up?
    • Nope. Looked like Darius Butler was back
  • Is Fred Jackson going to be contained?
    • In the first half, he was pretty much stacked up. Second half was a whole different story
  • How will the Pats depleted secondary handle the red hot Ryan Fitzpatrick?
    • Not very good
  • With Aaron Hernandez out, will Ochocinco have a big game?
    • Welker had the big game, not Ochocinco
  • How many times will the Patriots bring the blitz?
    • Is ‘Grr’ an acceptable answer?


  • The only good things to come out of this game are:
    • Welker is back and is fully healed
    • This quote on the Pats offense – “All these stocky white players look like an irish mob from Dorchester”
  • Terrific Tom was not very terrific
  • Ridley looked great and Green-Ellis looked like someone put the name Maroney on his jersey
  • We need Darren Sharper
  • The pass interference call in the 4th quarter when Josh Barret intercepted Fitzpatrick in the end zone was wrong (alot of choice words could go here)
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