A look at both the good and bad individual performances from the Patriots 31-30 loss against the Baltimore Ravens.


Tom Brady – Facing a tough defense, Brady has a terrific performance. Finishes the game 28-41, for 335 yards and a touch down pass.

Patriots Devin McCourty played well at times, but struggled when it mattered most in New England’s Sunday night loss to Baltimore. (FILE:USPresswire)

Wes Welker/ Brandon Lloyd – The two wide receivers picked up the slack left by Aaron Hernandez’s absence. They combined for a total of 17 receptions for 250 yards.

Logan Mankins – The offensive lineman gets down and dirty, defending his teammates throughout the game. He was an animal in the trenches and helped control a hostile Ravens front seven.


Referees – Plain and simple, the officials had too much of an impact on tonight’s game. A lot of missed calls and calls that shouldn’t have been flagged. The NFL should be ashamed of the officiating in not only Sunday night’s game, but at the quality throughout the season to this point. Time for a change.

New England’s Front Seven – The Patriots failed to generate a pass rush for nearly the whole game and Joe Flacco picked the secondary apart. The Pats made adjustments and the Ravens ran the ball down their throat. The unit just did not play as well as they had up to this point.

Devin McCourty – I may be the only one who thought so, but I thought McCourty had a good game for a large portion of the contest. Unfortunately, the defensive captain did not capitalize with two dropped interceptions and had crucial penalties called against him. Not what I expect from a leader and first round draft choice on this team.

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