Will Haynesworth Or Ochocinco Be Cut?

Ian Logue
August 14, 2011 at 10:34 am ET

Going through some of the articles this morning, I came across this article by Dan Pompei of the National Football Post, who filed his usual Sunday notes column.

Reading it through, I found one part of it a little surprising:

Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth might not be long for New England. One day before this story came out by my guy Mike Reiss, one NFL executive familiar with the Patriots ways told me he believes one or both of the big name acquisitions will be cut before the season starts. The front office man thinks coach Bill Belichick will use the controversial players to help control and send a message to his locker room.

Either player being released would surprise me, especially considering the low risk that both players now are after restructuring their deals.  As we’ve seen in the past, it’s generally about the value the player brings in relation to the size of the contract, and whether or not he’s a good fit.  Ochocinco seems to be performing fairly well after a bit of a rough start, while Haynesworth has missed nearly a week of practices.

Belichick recently downplayed Haynesworth’s situation, indicating that the veteran may be recovering from some sort of an injury.

Needless to say I have my doubts on this, but it still certainly raises an eyebrow.  Obviously it’s just one thought by one executive, and whether or not it comes to fruition remains to be seen.

What are your thoughts?  Post a comment and let me know if you think either player could be released by the time camp comes to an end.

  • Harvey Ardman

    I might believe this about Haynesworth, if he isn’t able to get on the practice field at all. But Ochocinco is definitely here for the season. If you were watching the Jaguars game, you’d find that Ocho spent the whole game talking to Tom Brady, who was very friendly to him. I think that bespeaks a good and growing football relationship.

  • I guess that I could see why Belicheck would do something like that, but I can’t say that I’m buying it. Haynesworth and Ochocinco were brought in as players with high upside to address specific issues. The Patriots need both players in the lineup to get the ball downfield and put pressure on the passer. I think Haynesworth is in better condition than people think as well. I don’t see why Belicheck would bring such high names in, restructure their contracts and get them in the system just to cut them before week 1. But that’s just me.

  • both are staying period!!! i know wat am talkin abt i havnt seen big albet work this hard indoors(behind the scene). no one see wats hes doin but i see it everyday and trust me the guy is goin to be the reason why we win the sb.

  • 102Pat

    Hmmm, an “executive familar with the Patriots ways”, I wonder if he got his info thru by playing the telephone game?

  • For the amount the Patriots gave for what they received it wound be counterproductive to release both players before the start of the season. But, either could be released mid-season; just ask Randy.

  • listen anyone on this team can be realesed maybe with the exception of brady everyoneelse can be realeased if they dont buy into our system but big Al and chad have bought in and they will be great pats!!! i garantee it.

  • Brian in California

    With Ochocinco, Branch, Hernandez and Welker on the field at the same time, the short passing game gets a new dimension. Add Price and/or a healthy Tate to that, and you stretch the field as well. I doubt if BB wants to give up that potential. As for Haynesworth, imagine him with Wilfork (and/or Love and Pryor) collapsing the pocket from the middle, allowing Anderson, Carter, Ellis, Cunningham or someone else to sack the QB often! Both Ocho and Haynesworth make the Pats a faster team in getting the ball out and getting to the passer.