Schefter on Brady Deal: ‘It’s going to get done.’

Ian Logue
August 6, 2010 at 5:13 pm ET

ESPN football insider Adam Schefter was in town on his training camp bus tour, and appeared on the Dale & Holley show Friday afternoon to discuss a variety of topics, one of which included Tom Brady’s contract situation.

Schefter reported a couple of weeks ago that the two sides were making progress toward getting a deal done, and it appears that things haven’t changed. Schefter still expects a deal to get done, and sounded pretty confident that is still the case.

“I won’t answer specifically about when it’s going to get done. Let’s just say this: It’s going to get done,” he said.

This is good news for Patriots fans, who still are listening to the whispers from others in the media who insist he won’t be back after this season. Hopefully those whispers continue to get quieter – and eventually go away completely.

  • Manny Ramirez

    Great post, like we didn’t know this. Duh.

  • Ian

    Obviously we did, so hearing from Schefter today helps to reinforce it. Although I fail to see why you’re saying “duh” to me – all I did was point out what he said in today’s interview.

    I’m just thankful we have someone like Schefter who knows enough about the situation to start quieting some of that discussion. I’ve certainly heard enough of the other side of this debate in the last few weeks to last me a lifetime.