Brady Clearly Better Than Manning Under Pressure

Ian Logue
February 8, 2010 at 12:02 am ET

What’s the difference between Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and New England Patriots QB Tom Brady?

When the game is played on the world’s biggest stage (ie: the Super Bowl), Brady has clearly been the better player.

We all know that Brady has always been cool under pressure, since unlike what fans saw from Manning tonight, Brady has never thrown a critical and game changing interception that was returned for a touchdown during any of New England’s four Super Bowl appearances.

As a matter of fact, looking back at each appearance, Brady has clearly outplayed him:

Super Bowl XXXVI:
Brady finished 16-of-27 for 145 yards and 0 INT’s with a TD and a QB Rating of 86.2.

Super Bowl XXXVIII:
Brady finished 32-of-48 for 354 yards, 3 TD’s with a QB Rating of 100.5 and 1 INT.

Super Bowl XXXIX:
Brady finished 23-of-33 for 236 yards, 2 TD’s with a QB Rating of 110.2 and no INT’s

Super Bowl XLII:
Brady finished 29-of-48 for 266 yards, 1 TD with a QB Rating of 82.5 and 0 INT’s.

Meanwhile the numbers haven’t been quite as good for Manning.

Super Bowl XLI:
Manning finished 25-of-38 for 247 yards, with 1 TD and a QB Rating of 81.8 with 1 INT.

In tonight’s Super Bowl:
Manning finished 31-of-45 for 333 yards with 1 TD and a QB Rating of 88.5 and that critical INT for a touchdown.

So twice on the world’s biggest stage Manning has turned it over each time, and while he escaped against a bad Chicago Bears team in 2006, he wasn’t so lucky tonight.

Meanwhile Brady’s been four times and thrown just one pick.

All in all, Manning drops to 9-9 in the postseason with one title, while Brady is 14-4 with 3 rings.

Needless to say the edge should go to Brady in the QB of the decade debate. They can keep the inflated stats, but when Manning’s career finally comes to an end I’m sure he’d rather have some rings on his fingers, an honor that Brady has already accomplished.

  • DJH

    Don’t be a Brady apologist…who goes 18-0 and loses the most important game in all of organized American Football?…Brady and Manning are first ballot HOF inductees…just be happy with that…

    Your dynasty is over

  • Mustapha

    I love Brady, but the pick six he threw to Champ Bailey in 2005 has to be considered a big mistake. He also threw the pick at the end of the 2006 afc championship.

    Brady and Manning are both greats, but they’re only humans and one out of 11 on the field. Sure, with their systems and preparations, they can look immortal most of the time. No quarterback can win every day and regardless of the rest of the conditions (personnel, coaching staff, etc.)

  • anthony m.

    DJH, since you’re obviously a Colts fan, let me just say this, YOU BLEW IT. (:

    Oh and also..


    BTW, in the SB, biggest game of the year. In 4 superbowls Tom Brady has thrown 7 TDs with NO picks at all. Ha. In two Peyton has thrown 2 touchdowns and one CRUCIAL pick to end the game. Also the only SB peyton will ever have won is one Rex Grossman gift wrapped to him, Peyton didnt even play a good game. HA go figure.

  • anthony m.

    And as for the dynasty comment, whether it be true or not, your Colts never had a dynasty. HAHAHA. Good shit (:

  • Rich

    Brady may have lost SB42 but he shook off the beating of a lifetime (while INJURED) to march down for a lead-changing touchdown in the final minutes. Peyton didn’t lose because he didn’t have the ball last. He simply made a HORRIBLE throw – something the “greatest” QB’s would never do in a Super Bowl.

  • Rockdog

    Actually, Brady really didn’t lose SB42. He drove the team to a TD with just over a minute to go. Brady doesn’t play defense, unfortunately.