Patriots Back In Boston

Ian Logue
October 26, 2009 at 4:39 pm ET

The Patriots just reported via Twitter that the team has just landed back in Boston after, as the pilot called it, “a quick 6 hour and 44 min flight.”

Quarterback Tom Brady called their game in London last week a, “business trip”.  One would have to believe he’d have to call it a successful one after he and the Patriots beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 35-7 yesterday.  Brady finished the afternoon 23-of-32 for 308 yards and three touchdowns, and is currently among the league leaders in most offensive categories after improving his team to 5-2 heading into New England’s bye week.

  • Jim Keddy (Jimke)


    Before the Patriots left, I read that the flight
    left at 6 P.M. Boston time and arrived at 5 A.M.
    Boston time the next day. This is 11 hours in
    the air. The 6 hour 44 minute flight wouldn’t
    seem to be actual flying time. It must be due
    to differences in the English time zone and the
    Boston time zone.

  • AW1 Tim

    Actually, it takes about 1-1.5 hours LESS time flying back from Europe than to it. It’s because of the route you fly, and the fact that, on the return trip, the earth is rotating under you, while, when headed over, you are flying WITH the earth as it rotates. It also depends a lot on winds aloft, whether you have to dodge any heavy weather cells enroute either way, etc. Also, whether you have to circle due to traffic back up in the pattern, or other such delays enroute or at destination.

    The trip over runs around 7.5-8 hours, so the 6.7 hours back seems about right.