VIDEO: Fallout From Ray Lewis Comments

Ian Logue
October 5, 2009 at 3:50 pm ET

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, it appears that Ray Lewis will be fined for his comments following his team’s 27-21 loss to the Patriots.

No word yet on the amount – but it’s also worth noting that Lewis dove at a sliding Tom Brady during yesterday’s game. Not exactly a smart move by a guy who is supposed to be an intelligent veteran.

  • wes ramone

    Ravens got screwed, everybody knows. The ref’s are bias and are on the Pats side, thats right they where in New England so everybody gets screwed thier(Im not even a Ravens fan!!!!!)

  • Dan

    Yeah, you’re not a Balt fan, just a Patriot’s hater. Thanks for your contribution.

    Ray Lewis was totally wrong on the facts. The Suggs penalty did not allow the drive to continue. It was 2nd down and Brady completed a pass on the play. Maybe your guy Ray should learn not to celebrate on 4th and 1s when he gives up the first down and runs off the field.

    What a bunch of whiny babies.

  • wes ramone

    your right, im not even an Ravens fan. Im a die hard Bills fan. Patriots are bunch of douch bags who has the Ref’s on thier side, The Pats are NFL’S golden childs(Like the Cowboys) so the NFL is trying to protect them. Also the Patriots fan are Over rated, They jump on the Band Wagon (Where were all the Patriot fans before they went to the Super Bowls??). Peace