Seymour in The Driver’s Seat

Ian Logue
June 2, 2009 at 11:06 pm ET

Patriots defensive lineman Richard Seymour is heading into the final year of his contract, and should New England fail to reach a deal on an extension, the five-time Pro Bowler could cash in big in an uncapped year in 2010.

Tom Curran of NBC Sports spoke to Seymour on Tuesday, and when asked if he wanted to remain with the Patriots, Seymour said, “Absolutely. But it takes two to tango.”

In 2005 the two sides didn’t dance together too well.  With two years left on his deal and after outperforming his rookie contract, Seymour held out during the start of training camp until they finally reached an agreement on a 3-year extension worth approximately $30-million.  Now still under the age of 30, the Patriots defensive lineman is in the driver’s seat and controls his own future, which could potentially cost New England quite a bit if they’d like to keep him in a Patriots uniform.

I’ll control what I can control,” he told Curran. “Always bet on yourself. The great thing is, you as a player control it. You go out and play and let the chips fall where they may.”

  • Ken Rosenthal

    I don’t think there is any car to be driven here, Ian. Seymour has on several occassioins indicated that he has no real love for living in NE. Or rather he’d much rather live a lot further south. He is also his had either real of perceived slights from the organizaion that he might not have gotten over. Or for either financial, or ego reasons, he’s one of those guys for whom the amount of money REALLY matters. So for that reason, I don’t think this is a matter of IF he goes, he’s gone.

    My best hope is that he plays to an ALL Pro level, and remains healthy. At the end of this season, they will both dance around the contract issue for a few months, but in the end the inevidably happens and Richard will play for someone else in 2010

  • Ian

    I would have to agree with you Ken, and I don’t feel very confident in a deal being worked out. Regardless of whether or not next year is “uncapped”, the Patriots have a value that they’ll give a player and I have my doubts that he’ll get the money he’s looking for. For all the pundits who don’t understand his role on defense and call him “overrated”, I think they’re just fooling themselves. I do believe his loss will be significant, especially should a deal fail to materialize with Wilfork. Thankfully he’s in a contract year, which will mean we’ll hopefully see Seymour healthy and at his best. That combined with the return of Tom Brady will hopefully mean a successful 2009 season.