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As The Ball Bounces: Week 3

Bob George
Bob George on Twitter
Sep 28, 2004 at 3:00am ET

Wide right. The term was dedicated to one Scott Norwood, the forlorn Bills kicker who simply could not be Adam Vinatieri. His legendary miss of a 47-yard field goal at the end of Super Bowl XXV, giving the Giants a 20-19 win over Buffalo, touched off a four-year run of AFC titles and Super Bowl losses for the Bills. There are those who believe that had Norwood made the field goal, Buffalo wins more Super Bowls than just that one. Norwood's career never really survived that huge miss, as he would yield his job soon after to Steve Christie, who became a more reliable kicker, albeit one who was never presented with such a pressure kick as Norwood was. The kicker who shares the same name as a neighboring town of Foxborough lets one fly, and it goes out of bounds at the five...wide right, of course.

Welcome back to reality, Detroit.

The last time the 49ers were shut out, Ken Meyer was their head coach, and their quarterback was someone named Plunkett.

The residents of south Florida are of much hardier stock than the Dolphins are.

The Yankees are Pedro Martinez's daddy. Jamal Lewis is the Bengals' daddy.

Tell me that Tennessee didn't lose a second straight game at home.

The Houston Texans provided the Patriots with some inspiration for later on by overcoming the Chiefs in their crib. The Patriots haven't won in Kansas City since 1964.

It would be funny if Kurt Warner could delay the arrival of Eli Manning longer than most experts are predicting. But then again, many folks out there want to see Manning fall flat on his face thanks to his pappy's offseason ranting.

His brother certainly didn't fall flat. Five touchdown passes for Peyton. All in a day's work.

Geek of the week: Buffalo linebacker Takeo Spikes has guaranteed a Bills win this Sunday against the Patriots. Exactly which team did Spikes intend to fire up?

31-0 will be motivation enough without some loudmouth talking without thinking.

Six points often times is plenty to beat the Cardinals.

If I were Cincinnati, I'd wait before continuing the excoriation of Corey Dillon.

Yes, Dick Vermeil, you need some defense.

Jacksonville is a sleeper no longer. Their time is now.

But they will go as far as Byron Leftwich will take them.

Damon Huard was let go by Kansas City. Someone make sure Scott Pioli knows.

Everyone is buzzing over Michael Holley's new book, Patriot Reign. The part on Bill Parcells and his dalliance with the Jets during Super Bowl XXXI is reason enough to run (not walk) out and buy the book.

The Patriots have made the first dent into China, with its release of its Chinese website. It goes over the Patriot win in Arizona, then discusses the Patriot win streak.

What it should do is begin with this sentence: This is a football.

Terrell Owens perhaps found greater satisfaction in sticking it to Steve Mariucci than his team advancing to 3-0.

Does Drew Bledsoe share Spikes' optimism over Sunday?

Back to school: Stanford nearly stuck it to ol' Pete Carroll on Saturday in Palo Alto, but in the end the Trojans were just enough pumped and jacked.

After Sunday night's quagmire in Miami, the Marlins should perhaps play the rest of their season on the road.

So should the Dolphins. Their home fans have been subjected to enough calamities for one year.

Red Sox fans bracing for another titanic loss to the Yankees in October should take comfort in that the Sox won the most games against the Yankees in a season since 1975. Last we checked, things went pretty well for the Sox that year.

Bill Lee eephus pitches notwithstanding.

The Patriots will never again enter Ralph Wilson Stadium with reduced focus.

The Dallas-Washington matchup Monday night decided the battle of the "second best coach in the league behind Bill Belichick".

How'd it go? Joe Gibbs can't manage the clock. Bill Parcells doesn't know when and when not to challenge. Call it a push.

Michael Vick still is the Atlanta Falcons.

Someone please explain why Jamal Lewis had only 18 carries against the Bengals.

We like David Carr a lot, but catches like that lollapalooza by Andre Johnson are designed to make any quarterback look great.

Remember Greco-Roman wrestler Rulon Gardner from the Olympics? When Stephen Neal retires, he will take off his cleats and leave them at the 50-yard line at Gillette.

All the while bawling like a little boy. And this is as manly as it gets.

Remember him: Did anyone in the 1970s fully appreciate what a great quarterback Joe Ferguson was? Sharing the same offensive backfield with O.J. Simpson would tend to keep the spotlight away from you. But Ferguson was one whale of a quarterback for Buffalo, blessed with receivers like Don Chandler, Paul Seymour, and the immortal Bobby Moore (Bills fans knew him as Bobby Moore before he became Ahmad Rashad).

Looks like John Carney has shaken off the horrors of that missed extra point from last year.

The Patriots will probably play just well enough to win on Sunday. The Nation will want another 31-0 win, maybe even a worse pummeling this time.

Nice column by Mrs. Kevin Rousseau, wife of our distinguished colleague here at We assume Kevin understands that a new baby supercedes anything Patriots, and pray that all goes well with the impending birth of the first Rousseau. Here's to a healthy baby and mommy, and to a relaxed and serene Kevin.

Well, it supercedes almost everything. What are we to think of Kevin if that baby turns out to be a Raider fan? Start early, dad.

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