Grogan: 'I would never have considered myself a runningback'

Ian Logue
October 24, 2012 at 02:49pm ET

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An interesting note from this week's "Grogan's Grade" where while speaking with former Patriots quarterback Steve Grogan, R.R. Marshall asked him about comments from WEEI's "Big Show" last week where show host Glenn Ordway was discussing Tim Tebow and the Jets.

During the segment, Ordway suggested that Grogan was more of a runningback than a quarterback, and Grogan gave his thoughts on that assessment.
RRM: Last Friday on WEEI's big show they were discussing Tim Tebow and show host Glenn Ordway stated in a similar vein that Steve Grogan was essentially a running back playing quarterback for the Patriots. Any response?

SG: I think we had some pretty good running backs back in those days, Sam Cunningham, Andy Johnson, Horace Ivory, Don Calhoun. I never considered myself a running back, I was a scrambler, more…I don't know…bigger than Fran Tarkenton but a Joe Kapp kind of guy that didn't mind running the ball when he had to, but I would never have considered myself a runningback.

Grogan also talked about Tim Tebow and feels that considering his track record and the type of player he is, he doesn't understand why people feel the need to continually criticize the Jets QB and he believes that it makes sense to give him a chance to prove himself.
You know, he's a kid that has a lot of athletic ability, he can run the ball very well, not a great thrower - at least at this point in his career. He's a lot bigger and stronger than I was in my heyday [laughs]. I guess I get disappointed when people criticize his throwing motion. The kid's a competitor, he's a winner, every time they put him in there, at least in Denver when he was starting, he was making plays and helping them win games. So I don't know how you knock somebody that's like that, and how you don't give him a chance to do a little more even if he's playing with the Jets. Give him a series or two and see what happens.

You can read the entire feature here which contains plenty of other analysis from the former Patriots quarterback.