Bill Belichick's PostGame Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
September 24, 2012 at 12:34am ET

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"Well it was a good football game, tough loss. I thought both teams competed hard, in the end we just came up a little bit short tonight. Not really too much more to say than that."

On the fact he appeared to be trying to get the attention of the officials and wheteher there was a certain call he wanted to discuss with them:

"I'm not going to comment about that. You saw the game, what did we have, 30 penalties called in the game?"

On if he thinks he'll be fined by the league for trying to grab a ref:


On what the Ravens did to get into a rhythm on their last 4 minutes or so:

"I don't know, you'll have to talk to them about that."

On his impressions of the way Wes Welker played tonight:

"I think we had a lot of guys that played hard.  I'll have to watch the film, I can't watch everybody out there.  We had a lot of guys that played hard."

On if the Ravens did anything defensively and what adjustments the they made:

"I don't know, I thought we moved the ball pretty well in the second half.  You'd have to ask them what adjustments they made.  You'll have to talk to them about that."

On how hard it is to manage the tempo of a game like this:

"It's our job just to go out there and control what we can control, that's what we're going to try and work on.  Can't control anything else.  You'd  have to go talk to those guys.  Go talk to the officials about the way they called the game, talk to the league about the way they called it, I don't know.  But we've just got to go out there and try to play it the best we can."

On if he liked the 3-wide receiver no huddle offense gave the Patriots offense:

"We thought we had a good plan of attack against the Ravens.  We did a number of different things in the game, we did what we thought was best.  Obviously it didn't work out quite as good as we thought it would, but there were some good things there."

On the situation with four minutes to go, if it was imperative to get the first down to keep the ball moving:

"What else would we do in that situation?  Give them the ball back?  I mean..."

On if there was an urgency to keep the ball in that situation:

"I mean I don't really understand the question.  When we're on offense we try to move the ball...I mean what...what else would we do on offense?"

On if there was an urgency because of the situation:

"We send the offense on the field to move the ball and score points.  At the end of the game sometimes you don't need points, you just try to move the ball and run out the clock.  That's what the offense goes on the field for.  What else would they do?"

On if he could see how close the kick was from the sideline:

"I couldn't see it from the sideline, no - but it looked close.  But again, you should talk to the people who made the calls on that, I'm just trying to coach the game."

On if he was told if the field goal was reviewable:

"That's not our's in two minutes"

On the fact it's obviously the booth's review:

"So you should talk to the officials and talk to those people and ask them those questions because obviously I don't have the answer to it.  I'm just coaching the game, I'm watching it like you are.  So you should ask them those questions, I can't answer them."

On the fact they did a nice job in the middle of the field:

"I don't know.  There were plays that were good inside, some not so good.  There were plays that were good outside, some not so good.  In the end it wasn't really good enough.   We'll have work to try and do a better job."