Patriots McCourty Excited About Facing Off Against His Brother

Ian Logue
September 05, 2012 at 05:17pm ET

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McCourty is looking forward to battling his brother Jason on Sunday down in Tennessee. (FILE:USPresswire)

There's nothing wrong with a little sibling rivalry, although Sunday's match-up between Devin McCourty's Patriots and Jason McCourty's Titans should probably be a little tough when it comes to who their mom should root for.

Devin McCourty spoke to the Tennessee media on Wednesday and talked about the battle looming between he and his twin brother, and he expects it to be a fun afternoon.

"This should be exciting," said McCourty.  "We've gone against each other in different basketball games and things like that, but really never been at each other or on opposing teams. We've always played together. It will be kind of cool to watch each other in live action, really rooting against each other. "

McCourty got to spend his brother's first year in the NFL cheering him on after he was selected in the 6th round by Tennessee in 2009, which he explained was "a little difficult" considering the two were so close and played together at Rutgers.

But it wasn't long before he joined him in the NFL just a year later, when New England selected him in the first round in 2010.  Devin went on to become a Pro Bowl cornerback during his rookie season here in New England while Jason has become an important part of the Titans defense in Tennessee.

Their mom is currently staying with Jason, and McCourty says who she's cheering for should be a little interesting, at least as far as what she tells his brother.

"Supposedly she has a half-and-half jersey," said McCourty. "She says she's going to root for both teams. But I kind of think since it's in Tennessee, she still might root for the Patriots. She'll tell (Jason McCourty) she's rooting for him since she's staying at his house. "

The two used to battle it out on the basketball court as kids, and McCourty claims his brother "usually left angry" while joking about their match-ups.  McCourty also says he's stronger than his brother and faster for that matter, claiming he ran a 4.31 while his brother ran a 4.32 when they were together at Rutgers.

It's a fun rivalry, but he knows right now his primary job is to focus on taking care of business this weekend when their two teams face off in the season opener.  He claims the two, who are normally pretty active back and forth on Twitter, won't be talking this week, with McCourty saying he'll talk to him on Sunday.

"No, I actually told him to lose my number this week," said McCourty.  "No side bets, no anything else. I'll see and talk to him on Sunday when we get out on the field."

"I'd say each one of us is trying to stake a claim for who the family should root for more throughout the season. I think he's felt a little edged out with him just seeing us be in the playoffs my first three years with him coming and rooting on with the family. He's probably trying to make sure he gets a win."