Tuesday's New England Patriots Links 5/1

Ian Logue
May 01, 2012 at 08:08am ET

Patriots LB Dont'a Hightower returning to practice field an encouraging sign
Why was Patriots LB Kyle Van Noy doing pushups at a bowling alley?
Patriots owner Robert Kraft owns no concerns that Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are missing OTAs
New NFL policy lets players who don’t want to stand for anthem stay in locker room
Former Patriots rip NFL’s new anthem policy

After a quick look around this morning, here are today's links to get you up to speed on the latest events down in Foxboro:


Bill Belichick Pleased With Draft Choices - Shalise Manza Young
Shalise Manza Young has comments from Bill Belichick's interview with Sirius Radion yesterday, where he talked about each of their draft picks and had some interesting comments during the interview.

Meet the Draft Picks - Boston Globe
The Globe has a great photo gallery featuring all the new draft picks, with a quick summation on each one for those of you who aren't completely familiar with who they picked this past weekend.

How did AFC East fare in NFL draft? - Greg Bedard
Bedard has a good article this morning breaking down how the AFC East did over the weekend, and has comments on his thoughts on each team in this article.


Youngster at Draft Tackles Boos - Mike Reiss
Mike Reiss highlights a mention by Peter King in his Monday Morning Quarterback piece in which a 10-year old was booed by the classy bunch of fans who were on hand as he was announcing a Patriots draft pick in New York City over the weekend.

Takeaways from Belichick on Sirius - Mike Reiss
Reiss recaps Monday's interview with Bill Belichick on Sirius radio, and highlights some of the key items from it which include the fact that Belichick said that newly drafted Dont'a Hightower is a really smart player, "similar to [Jerod] Mayo" both in football intelligence and leadership.

Kentucky WR Matt Roark joining Pats - Mike Rodak
Rodak reports that undrafted Kentucky wide receiver Matt Roark will join the Patriots, with the Wildcats standout now joining the mix of guys who could potentially be battling for a roster spot this season.

Mel Kiper gives Pats draft a B- - ESPNBOSTON.COM
ESPN.com Draft expert Mel Kiper gives the Patriots a B- for this year's draft, with the overall grade dragged down due to the surprise pick of Tavon Wilson, whom he feels would have been available in the 6th round had the Patriots waited.

Source: Gerard Warren to re-sign- Mike Reiss
Reiss  reports that the Patriots are expected to bring back defensive lineman Gerard Warren for another season.

Getting to Know the Patriots Jason Licht - Mike Reiss
Reiss highlights a piece from the Omaha World-Herald on Patriots director of pro personnel Jason Licht in what is actually a pretty interesting read.


Patriots' Strong Draft Punctuates Solid Offseason as Team Gears Up for 2012 as Favorites to Reach Super Bowl - Jeff Howe
Howe has a good write-up this morning on what the Patriots have done so far this offseason that has them as favorites to return to the Super Bowl next season.

Patriots Sign Kentucky Wide Receiver Matt Roark, Who Has Eight Degrees of Separation From Kevin Bacon - Jeff Howe
Howe has an entry on undrafted free agent Matt Rorark, and finds some interesting connections between him and several famous people including actor Kevin Bacon.


Tom Brady Keeping Derby Lid Look Under his Hat - Inside Track
The people from the inside track are apparently all excited because they managed to catch Tom Brady wearing a derby hat and snapped a photo of him as he was putting gas in his car...(insert eyeroll here)

What should we make of all these quarterback turned receivers? - Karen Guregian
Guregian has a blog entry and ponders what fans should make about the fact the Patriots signed another quarterback turned receiver in Matt Roark.

Pats coach Bill Belichick talks draft and more on Sirius - Karen Guregian
Guregian takes a look at some additional thoughts from Belichick during his Sirius Radio interview yesterday.


Looking at the Patriots 2012 Draft Class and Their Representation - Christopher Price
With the draft behind us the goal now is to obviously get each of New England's new rookies under contract, and Price takes a look at each of their agents.


Patriots heading into 2013 with five picks - Tom E. Curran
Curran takes a look at what the Patriots have heading into next year's draft, and notes that for the first time since 2007, the Patriots don't own multiple picks in any of the first three rounds.

Belichick Speaks Highly of Hightower's Versatility - Tom E. Curran
Curran has an article of his own with highlights from Belichick's interview on Sirius radio, and notes the similarities between Hightower and former Patriot Mike Vrabel.

Moss Calls First Workout With 49ers 'Eye Opening' - Jimmy Toscano
Toscano has quotes from former Patriots receiver Randy Moss, who - for now - seems enthralled to be playing for the 49ers.


At NFL Draft, Norton Boy's Smile Defeats Booes - Jim Hand
Hand took the time to do a follow up article on the 10-year old boy who was booed by the clueless bunch of New York fans who felt it was a good idea to boo the kid just because he was announcing a Patriots draft pick.  He has comments from the young boy on the incident in this article.


Is Former Syracuse and New Patriots DE Chandler Jones the Next Jason Pierre-Paul? - Katie Kramer
Kramer gives a local view on former Syracuse DE Chandler Jones, and compares him to Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, and notes some similarities between the two in this article.