Monday's New England Patriots Links 9/19

Ian Logue
September 19, 2011 at 08:24am ET

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Patriots fans got to enjoy another big win yesterday after New England defeated the San Diego Chargers 35-21 at Gillette Stadium Sunday. Needless to say it's a busy morning, so here are this morning's top stories:

Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald has an article on yesterday's performance, and notes that the most impressive thing about Sunday's win was the way they were able to close out the game.

Ron Borges of the Herald has an article on the defense, which he writes was living on the edge on Sunday.

Steve Buckley of the Herlad writes that Tom Brady is on fire so far this season, lighting up both the Dolphins and now the Chargers through the first two games of the 2011 campaign.

Mike Reiss of writes that Brady continues to amaze after another 400+ yard performance Sunday against San Diego.

Mark Farinella of the Attleboro Sun Chronicle writes that this team is "scary" after watching the way they played once again on Sunday.

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe writes that this 'W' comes with plenty of worry.

Bob Ryan of the Globe writes that this season has been a moving story so far through two games, referring to how well they've moved offensively on the field.

Shalise Manza Young and Monique Walker of the Boston Globe have an article on Deion Branch, who writes that he and Brady belong together the same way peanut butter and jelly do.

Young also files her game story, and writes that the Patriots looked sharp yesterday against San Diego.

Ian Rapoport has a good article on the fact that the Patriots offense and defense worked well together yesterday, with the offense picking up the defense after they made a big play, and then getting a lift from their defense just when they needed it.

Dan Ventura of the Herald has an article on Vince Wilfork, who showed off his coverage skills yesterday with an interception.

You can read Wilfork's complete press conference via this link.

Ian Rapoport has his "notebook" from yesterday, which leads off with the fact the defense bent but didn't break against San Diego.

Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe writes that the team picked up right where it left off last Monday night against Miami.

Bill Burt of the Eagle Tribune writes that our 'Deion' is the new version of 'Prime Time' after seeing  Branch's performance through the first two weeks of the season.

Dan Duggan of the Boston Herald writes that both Branch and Brady were in harmony from the field all the way to the podium yesterday.

I transcribed what ended up being quite an entertaining press conference, and you can read their complete press conference here.

David Wills of the Eagle Tribune looks at Jerod Mayo, who was at his best Sunday, making a game changing stop on San Diego's Mike Tolbert down near the goal line.

Mary Paoletti of writes that the secondary needs to tighten up after struggling a bit through the first couple games of the season.

Tom Curran of CSNNE has an article on the fact that the defense bailed out the offense after they missed a 4th and 4 at midfield by forcing a turnover.

The Herald has an article this morning on the fact that the team is releasing a $2 scratch ticket today, to try and attract more buyers in a down economy.

Mike Rodak of ESPN Boston has "3 up, 3 down" for the Patriots after Sunday's win.

Rodak also has comments from the Chargers locker room.

Steven Krasner of has an article on the fact that Zoltan Mesko's injury played a part in Belichick's decision to go for it on 4th and 4 later in the game.

Jeff Howe of NESN writes that Brady and Branch are rekindling their chemistry after watching their performances during their two wins this season.

Howe also has a piece on Devin McCourty, who is striving for more consistency after struggling a bit in each of their two wins.

Howe also talks about BenJarvus Green-Ells, who played a big part in helping the Patriots close out Sunday's game.

Howe also has an article on Albert Haynesworth, who he writes is helping the Patriots develop a tough reputation down on the goal line.

Mike Petraglia of writes that Jerod Mayo and Patrick Chung helped make sure the Chargers offense knew that the goal line was property of the Patriots yesterday.

Jackie MacMullan of has an article on the Patriots defense, which obviously made some big plays yesterday.

A.Sharrod Blakely of has an article on the fact they made Antonio Gates a complete non factor.

Chris Forsberg of writes that New England's tight ends aren't experiencing any sophomore slumps after watching their performances during their first two games.

Forsberg also has an article on the chemsitry between Branch and Brady.

He also has an article on the fact that Sergio Brown ended quite an interception drought for the Patriots yesterday.

Steven Krasner of has an article on Wifork, who reflected on his first NFL interception after yesterday's win.

Kevin McNamara of the Providence Journal writes that Wilfork seized his opportunity on Sunday and ran with it - obviously referring to his interception.

Jim Donaldson has a column on Wilfork, who talked about some of the defensive drills they do in practice that has helped give him such good hands.

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe has his reaction to Sunday's win, which includes three things to feel good about, and three things to worry about.

Juliet Pennington of the Attleboro Sun Chronicle writes that fans took a pass on criticizing Brady after the quarterback told them to "start drinking early" last week before later changing his tune.

That's it for this morning. We'll have more throughout the day, including some additional breakdowns and a couple of other entries, so be sure and check back for updates.