Charting Patriots RB Shane Vereen's Rushing Attempts vs New York

Ian Logue
September 02, 2011 at 02:17am ET

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During Thursday night's game against the Giants, as I did with Stevan Ridley a couple of weeks ago, I charted out Shane Vereen's rushing attempts.

Granted it's a smaller sample (he had just 11 carries for 34 yards), but here's a quick look at what he did last night against New York:

1st Attempt) 3rd down: -1 Yard Gain - Middle
2nd Attempt) 2nd down: 7 yard gain - Middle
3rd Attempt) 2nd down: 14 yard gain - Middle
4th Attempt) 1st Down: -3  yard gain - Right
5th Attempt) 2nd Down: No Gain - Left
6th Attempt) 1st Down: 2 Yard Gain - Left
7th Attempt) 2nd Down: 5Yard Gain - Left
8th Attempt) 4th Down: -3 Yard Gain - Left
9th Attempt) 1st Down: 4 Yard Gain - Middle
10th Attempt) 2nd Down: 3 Yard Gain - Right
11th Attempt) 1st Down: 6 yard Gain - Right

Final Rushing Stats Against New York: 11 carries, 34 yards, (3.09 avg) 0 TD's.

Total Rushes to the Left: 4 (4-yards 1.0 avg)
Total Rushes Up The Middle: 4 (24-yards 6.0 avg)
Total Rushes to the Right: 3 (6-yards 2.0 avg)

Total Number of Attempts Based on Gained Yards:

Negative gains - 3
No gain - 1
1-2 yards - 1
3-5 yards – 3
6-8 yards – 2
9-10 yards – 0
Over 10 yards – 1

LONGEST GAIN: 14-Yards On a 2nd Down attempt up the Middle.

Total 1st down rushes: 4 carries,  9 yards (2.2 avg)
Total 2nd down carries: 5 carries,  29 yards (5.8 avg)
Total 3rd down carries: 1 carry, -1 yards (-1.0 avg)
Total 4th down carries: 1 carry, -3 yards (-3 avg)