Remembering a Familiar Face in Former Patriot Shawn Jefferson

Ian Logue
August 26, 2011 at 10:18am ET

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For any Patriots fan who has followed this team for longer than Tom Brady's tenure here at quarterback, there was an interesting article out of the Detroit News this morning that you may want to check out.

Fans may remember former Patriots wide receiver Shawn Jefferson, who was a big part of New England's passing attack in the latter years of Drew Bledsoe's career.

He played with New England from 1996 - 1999, and is currently Detroit's wide receivers coach.  The News has a great profile on him this morning, and for anyone who was  a fan of how he played the game here with the Patriots, it's definitely an enjoyable read.

In one mention during this article, Jefferson discusses just how important it is to have the desire to be the best, and to always make sure his receivers are doing all the can to excel on the field.
"Never let them catch you with your work undone," Jefferson said. "When you step on the field and cross those white lines you had better be all in. It's a war between those lines. If you are truly interested in being successful and being the best you can be when you cross those white lines you had better be all in because one lapse in concentration and you could have your butt handed to you. "

For fans who want to read more, you can read the full article here.