Ochocinco Could Be Fined For Reimbursing Foster

Ian Logue
August 20, 2011 at 10:54am ET

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Ochocinco doesn't like to break promises, but it may cost him if he follows through on the one he made with Mason Foster. (FILE:Icon/SMI)
Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco took a good shot from Buccaneers linebacker Mason Foster during Thursday night's win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and it left some wondering if Foster could be facing a fine during the coming weeks.

According to Ochocinco, he wasn't mad about the hit, and even offered to reimburse Foster in the event the league hit him in the wallet, Tweeting out to him yesterday when he made the offer.

Ochocinco has said repeatedly that he never breaks a promise, but if he does decide to go through with it, it sounds like he could be fined himself.

According to ProFootballTalk.com, Ochocinco could be fined in the event he decides to pick up the tab for Foster's transgression.

PFT got in touch with NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, who confirmed to the website that "it is not permitted for a player to pay another player’s fine. Anyone who’s fined by the NFL has to pay the fine himself, and no kind of reimbursement, by anyone, is allowed."

Foster hasn't been fined yet, so we'll have to wait and see if that does indeed happen this week before finding out if Ochocinco's feeling generous enough to also give the league a little extra money.