Schobel to New England 'Unlikely'

Ian Logue
August 05, 2010 at 08:25am ET

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The Official Buffalo Bills site had a mention on recently released linebacker Aaron Schobel, who after saying he's willing to play another season caught the attention of most fans and media here in New England since he would clearly give them a boost rushing the passer.

Unfortunately it appears that he may not be ending up in New England, with FOX Sports reporter Adam Caplan calling it 'highly unlikely' he'll end up a Patriot on Twitter yesterday.
caplannfl    Highly unlikely to happen. RT @WAD1980: @caplannfl I was hoping the Pats could land him cause Bill and Co.

According to the Bills' website, it may ultimately come down to his family situation, as they recently sold their house in Buffalo and moved to Texas, which could find him playing there instead.
What most outside of Bills fans do not know is Schobel’s family situation. With three school age kids, Schobel and his wife would prefer to keep them in the same school year round instead of splitting the curriculum between their home and another NFL city.

While this may be just one report, it's not the first one that has pointed out his family dynamic as the deciding factor.  Nothing's written in stone just yet, and we did see guys like Roman Phifer back in the day who commuted to alternate coasts just to play here in New England because he wanted to win and loved playing here. 

Now the only question would be whether or not Schobel would be willing to do that, which would likely take quite a sell from Belichick to get him here to start with. 

Needless to say stay tuned.....