Belichick on Burgess 'We Expect Him To Be Here'

Ian Logue
July 30, 2010 at 09:44am ET

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Despite reports on Derrick Burgess apparently contemplating retirement, it appears that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick still expects him to report at some point.

Belichick told the media during this morning's press conference that while this situation isn't 'unprecented', it sounded a little like he may not have been too pleased about yesterday's news.

"Derrick wasn't here yesterday and we expect him to be here," Belichick said when asked about the veteran. "He's not here. The situation certainly isn't unprecedented. I'm not sure exactly that I know all the information that I need to know. That's what it is for now and we'll just take that day by day."

When pressed on the subject, he didn't sound like he didn't want to discuss it further - saying only, "We expect him to be here."

Players retiring seems to be an annual occurance here in Foxboro, but it seems like Belichick may not have seen this one coming from Burgess.  Veteran experience is always something that has been a big deal for Belichick over the years at the linebacker position, and reports this offseason said that they planned on putting Burgess in better position to utilize his strengths, which many felt was the reason why he wasn't more productive last season.

After bringing him back this offseason it seems that Belichick expected him to be here for the 2010 campaign, and after his comments this morning - those still appear to be his expectations.