Belichick: LB Crable Could Return

Ian Logue
July 29, 2010 at 09:32am ET

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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick held his first press conference this morning, and talked about linebacker Shawn Crable, who the team released yesterday.

The release apparently happened because Crable wasn't physically ready to go, with Belichick saying Crable simply wasn't prepared to compete as camp was opening.

"We didn't pass him on the physical, and just didn't feel like he was ready to compete and participate right now," said Belichick.

When asked by a reporter if his physical included the conditioning test Belichick said that was part of it - which could explain why they let him go if that was indeed the case.

"That's all part of the physical.  There's a physical, and there's being in condition - that's all inclusive."

Needless to say that may have confirmed what many of us thought, but the biggest surprise was the fact that Belichick didn't rule out his return.  It looks like he's ready to give Crable another opportunity, although apparently he isn't willing to to do it unless Crable  is completely healthy.

"If Shawn physically is healthy, that he would have a good chance to compete on the field based on what we saw coming out of college, and the limited opportunities that we've seen to evaluate him in the last two years.  But right now I just don't think he's there."