Patriots Would Need to Give up TE for QB Feeley

Ian Logue
September 02, 2009 at 05:24pm ET

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The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that New England remains the most interesting landing spots for back-up quarterback AJ Feeley, but also reports that much of moving Feeley still hinges on Michael Vick's reinstatement.

That's obviously going to be a difficult topic since NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said when he gave Vick his conditional reinstatement in late July, his ruling on Vick's regular-season availability wouldn't come until somewhere between the start of the season and Week 6.

So in order to make sure they have a solid back up plan in place, it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for the Eagles to move Feeley unless they were sure Vick would be available to play. If Donovan McNabb was to go down with an injury in the early part of the season, it would leave Philadelphia in a tough spot without someone of Feeley's calibur to step in should they move him before the start of the year.

Needless to say unless Goodell gives an indication that he'll let Vick play any sooner, the Patriots may have to have to wait. Philadelphia head coach Andy Reid hasn't pushed Goodell on the issue, telling the Inquirer yesterday, "I think the commissioner will make his decision when he wants to make his decision," said Reid. "I don't go there with that."

However if they opt to move Feeley, it appears that a need they may address may be at tight end, and according to the newspaper that may favor New England. The Patriots have plenty of depth and ever since Eagles rookie Cornelius Ingram tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee in early August, it leaves Philadelphia thin at that position which reportedly would give the Patriots the edge in making a deal.

"Right now they're rumors," Feeley told the newspaper. "As I've said before, my loyalty is here. I'm an Eagle and until then that's how I approach it."

UPDATE: ESPN reported on Wednesday afternoon that the Philadelphia Eagles expect NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to issue a ruling on Michael Vick's possible full re-instatement before Saturday's mandatory league-wide cutdown to the 53-man roster.

According to the report Goodell and Vick will meet "soon," with the two having reportedly been speaking on a weekly basis.