Coaching In Bruschi's Future?

Ian Logue
July 01, 2009 at 10:20am ET

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For now Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi plans on playing this season, but when the time comes to hang up his cleats, it appears he'll be replacing it with a whistle. 

Bruschi told the Boston Globe Tuesday while hosting his second Kids Football Clinic, sponsored by insurer SBLI, at Gillette Stadium that coaching may be in his future.

"I know I can coach," Bruschi told the newspaper. "I know the game. I’ve been in it so long. It’s just going to be a matter of what I do when I’m done. It’s a passion of mine. I know I love football. I know I want to be in it. Let’s just see what I’ll be doing."

When asked if he'd discussed this possibility Bruschi said he hadn't, but did admit that he's also  even gone so far as to map out the drill stations, etc.  This shouldn't come as a surprise to fans considering how thorough he's been in his preparations over the years during his time in New England.

 "I’ve mapped out the field, where the stations will be, how the guys will teach their fundamentals. It’s a little Belichickian because I’ve been trying to keep it organized."

The Globe also reported that Bruschi  was joined at the camp by linebacker Jerod Mayo, tight end David Thomas, safety Ray Ventrone, and kicker Stephen Gostkowski. Former quarterback Scott Zolak was also reportedly an instructor.