Living in the Boston area all of my life, I am very familiar with the negative spin that begins on all of the sports teams. What is funny about starting with the negative view first with the Patriots is these views over time could get questioned as the Patriots continue to improve and win. The overreaction with the negativity does sell in Boston in the newspapers, and on the radio and TV.

However, there are other ways to approach the New England Patriots, and that is what I try to do by starting from a positive view, but balancing the good with the bad. Just listen to my radio show Patriots Fourth And Two, and I purposely start with the positives, but it will be followed right behind with the negatives.

As a fan, I try to be balanced with the Patriots as best as I can, and want to look at both sides of the coin. Some might say I am a homer because I do start from a positive place, but I feel those people would be completely wrong. I praise the Patriots when they do well, but will criticize them when they deserve it.

I do listen to my share of Boston sports radio, and both WEEI and 98.5 The Sports Hub, do a good job of covering team, but I will tell you that I feel much of the talk starts with the negative spin. Listen, it works because they get great ratings, and it can be entertaining.

However, I am just here to tell you that there are other ways of discussing the Patriots, and just maybe you will check out Patriots Fourth And Two on and hear for yourself.

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