Spikes, Patriots Speak Out On Officials

Derek Havens
September 24, 2012 at 06:30am ET

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After the Patriots 31-30 loss to the Ravens on Sunday night, it was easy to be frustrated. Not just as a fan, but as a player and coach as well. Shortly after the game's conclusion, a few New England players took to Twitter to release some steam. Leading the charge was linebacker Brandon Spikes.

"Can someone please tell these f---ing zebras foot locker called and they’re needed Back at work !!!! #BreakingPoint"

The outspoken linebacker has tweeted some controversial statements in the past, but you can bet he will hear from the NFL after this tweet.

Defensive lineman Kyle Love agreed, saying "I'm witchu", but deleting shortly after. He went on to say.

"I got so much s--- I wanna say right now! But ima be quiet........"

Defensive back Sterling Moore added,

"Bleep, explicit, Bleep, explicit, Bleep, explicit, Bleep, explicit, Bleep, explicit, Bleep, explicit!!!!!!"

Both he and Love did a better job censoring themselves than Spikes. All players were clearly frustrated with the officiating though.

This did not exclude Bill Belichick, whose comments in the press conference did a poor job masking his frustration.

A reporter said he appeared to be trying to get the attention of the officials and asked if there was a certain call he wanted to discuss with them,

“I’m not going to comment about that. You saw the game, what did have 30 penalties called in the game?” Belichick said.

After he responded, the Patriots head coach was asked if he thought he would be fined for grabbing an official after the game,

“No.” Belichick said.

Current Patriots weren't the only ones who spoke out after tonight's loss, however, as Patriots hall of fame receiver Troy Brown also had a few comments of his own.

"I know these refs are doing the best they can but this is the NFL!" Brown said.

Shortly after, Brown added to his previous remarks.

"Ok, I'm tired of being nice! These refs are a joke! It's hard to watch. I want to enjoy watching an entertaining game not entertaining refs!"

With all that was said by the players and coach Belichick, it should be interesting to monitor how the league handles their comments as well as their ongoing negotiations with the referees.

I do believe the officials played too large of a role in Sunday night's game and while that may have impacted the outcome of the game, the Patriots did not capitalize on their chances to win the game. What do you think? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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