Brady Gives Ochocinco the Thumbs Up

Derek Havens
November 15, 2011 at 11:53am ET

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During the first quarter of Sunday's game in the Meadowlands, I noticed something Brady did after completing a 12-yard pass to wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.

Brady, shown in the image below, gave Ochocinco the "thumbs up" and appeared to mouth the words "you're ok" following the completion. Ochocinco has been under a huge microscope since being acquired by the Patriots in the off-season, and while he has not produced the way some Patriots fans were hoping, there has been a slight increase in his role throughout the season.

I am not sure Ochocinco will ever be a five catch receiver for New England, but I maintain he could play a valuable role for the team  later in the season. He was brought in to beat one-on-one match ups against defenders and give Brady another option and he showed a small sample he could develop into that role within this offense.

After the team cut ties with Albert Haynesworth last week, some fans called for Ochocinco's release as well, however, many members in the Patriots organization still believe in Ochocinco. The wide out's increased reps, the coaching staff's vote of confidence in him, and Brady's positive reinforcement show the team is not ready to give up on Ocho.

Ochocinco's tenture has not been ideal, but the team's support should give Patriots fans a reason to remain hopeful.


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