Inside the Numbers: Where do the Patriots Rank?

Derek Havens
October 24, 2011 at 09:00am ET

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After seven weeks of regular season action, I decided to look into where the Patriots rank in various statistical categories. Even though teams are still developing and not quite at their peak potential, seven weeks of gameplay can give insight to where each rank.

Even though the Patriots are off to a 5 - 1 start, the season has been an emotional roller coaster filled with frustration and excitement. For this edition of Inside the Numbers, here is where New England ranks league wide. -

Bill Belichick and the Patriots still have a lot of work to do moving forward. (FILE:Icon/SMI)


- Total Offense: 474.5 yards per game. Currently ranked 1st in the NFL.

- Points Scored: 30.8 points per game (185 total). Currently ranked 4th in the NFL.

- Passing: 350.5 yards per game. Currently ranked 1st in the NFL.

- Rushing: 124 yards per game. Currently ranked 10th in the NFL.

- Penalty Yards: 353 yards this season. Currently ranked 16th in the NFL.



- Total Defense: 423.7 yards per game. Currently ranked 32nd in the NFL.

- Points Allowed: 22.5 points per game. Currently tied at 17th in the NFL.

- Passing: 322.2 yards per game. Currently ranked 32nd in the NFL.

- Rushing: 101.5 yards per game. Currently ranked 8th in the NFL.

- Penalty Yards: 432 yards this season. Currently ranked 30th in the NFL.

What are your thoughts on some of these statistics? Are these numbers misleading or do they portray what the Patriots have become to this point in the season? Share your thoughts below!

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