The Patriots lost 1 million in cap space on September 10th due to Scott Chandler

Miguel Benzan
September 10, 2016 at 1:58 pm ET

On September 10th noticed that the Patriots lost $912,530 in cap space on the NFLPA Public Salary Cap Report since the 9th of yesterday. So I tweeted out 3 possible reasons
a.) The injury settlements with Kevin Snyder and/or Tyler Gaffney hit the Patriots salary cap.
b.) An extension with a Patriot was reached increasing that player’s 2016 cap number.
c.) Scott Chandler injury protection

The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin replied to my tweet with “The answer is C. Scott Chandler is receiving $1m in injury protection for career-ending knee injury suffered last yr”

Here’s some background on injury protection

Quoting the CBA – “Beginning in the 2016 League Year, any type of In-jury Protection liability shall be included in Team Salary for the League Year for which such Injury Protection applies, or the League Year in which such Injury Protection is paid, agreed to be paid by settlement, or awarded, whichever is later.” Injury Protection was a benefit for the 2011/2012/2013/2014 and 2015 seasons. Scott Chandler qualified for Injury Protection since he underwent surgery in the off-season following the season of injury and was released with failed physical designation. Since Scott Chandler was approved to get the Injury Protection benefit he will receive an amount equal to 50% of his Paragraph 5 Salary for the 2016 season ($2 million) or $1 million. To learn more about Injury Protection review the CBA’s Article 45.

Please note that I am trying to reconcile the $87,470 difference between Scott Chandler’s 1 million injury protection benefit and the $912,530 decrease in cap space.

As of 2 PM Saturday September 10 I have the Patriots salary cap space number as $8,384,790. That number will increase once I learn the details of the Kevin Snyder and Tyler Gaffney injury settlements.

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