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Ranking The 57 Super Bowls From Worst To Best

Bob George
Bob George on Twitter
February 8, 2024 at 4:22 pm ET

Ranking The 57 Super Bowls From Worst To Best(PHOTO: Eric Seals - USA TODAY Sports)

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At a recent Super Bowl halftime show, Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones told the crowd “We could have played at the first Super Bowl!”  He’s right, as the Stones were about four years into their slice of the British Invasion at the time of the inaugural Super Bowl.

This writer has been on this earth for all 57 games.  I have seen all or parts of 55 of them.  I have missed only two of them.  For one of the ones I missed, I was a little kid putting together a model of a Gemini rocket downstairs in our playroom.  For the second one, I was on a plane from Denver to Boston coming back home from a vacation.  Otherwise, for me it’s a don’t miss event.

I used to go to lavish parties and get-togethers with friends and future in-laws.  Now, it’s just stay at home and let the wife, and now kids, throw together a Super feast.  The menu for Super Bowl LVIII is still being discussed.  Right now, fried chicken might be out in front.  My oldest daughter makes a terrific bean dip and queso, among other things.

Now that I am retired, I had the time to sit down and rank the previous 57 Super Bowls from worst to best.  Naturally, any list like this is subject to mass scrutiny.  I’m good.  Bring it on.  Enjoy the game on Sunday and dream of the days when it was your team we were waiting with baited breath to see.

#57 – Super Bowl V  Baltimore 16, Dallas 13  Forget the walk-off field goal by Jim O’Brien.  Lousy, mistake-filled game with 11 combined turnovers.  The three Colt narrators for NFL Network’s America’s Game all felt ashamed of that game and spent more time lamenting losing Super Bowl III to the Jets two years earlier.  Bubba Smith said he never wore his Super Bowl V ring.

#56 – Super Bowl XX  Chicago 46, New England 10  After the then-quickest score in Super Bowl history by the Patriots, the Bears slaughtered them.  The game had zero drama and went over well only in the Windy City.  The Patriots were held to seven total team rushing yards and gave up seven quarterback sacks.  This was an awful week; two days later, the space shuttle Challenger exploded 77 seconds into the flight.

#55 – Super Bowl XXIV  San Francisco 55, Denver 10  Fortunately for the Patriots, this game remains the biggest slaughter in Super Bowl history.  The 49ers scored eight touchdowns, Joe Montana threw for five of them, and the Broncos looked like a college team.  San Francisco outgained Denver in total yards 461-167.

#54 – Super Bowl XL  Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10  This game is remembered for the officiating.  Two and perhaps three critical calls all went against the Seahawks, the team that most fans outside of western Pennsylvania watching thought was the better team that evening.  Penalties are still not reviewable in today’s NFL.  The league chooses its postgame officials carefully, but in this case some of them acted as it they may have been slightly biased.

#53 – Super Bowl XXVII  Dallas 52, Buffalo 17  Buffalo’s third straight Super Bowl turned into a horrific loss, as Dallas won its first Super Bowl in the Jerry Jones era.  Buffalo committed eight turnovers and Dallas turned them into 35 points.  The game may be better remembered for a Dallas error, as Steve Tasker stripped Leon Lett just shy of a scoop and score touchdown, embarrassing the lineman, and that would not be the last time Lett made a dumb play at the goal line.

#52 – Super Bowl II  Green Bay 33, Oakland 14  This game is famous only for it being the final game Vince Lombardi coached at Green Bay.  Otherwise, Oakland was badly outclassed and Pete Rozelle considered aligning the postseason differently in the years ahead.  At halftime, Packer guard Jerry Kramer said to his teammates, “Boys, let’s play these last 30 minutes for the old man!”  That they did.

#51 – Super Bowl XXVI  Washington 37, Buffalo 24  For the second straight year, Buffalo lost a Super Bowl to a second string quarterback.  Redskins QB Mark Rypien turned in one of those performances that fall into that “fifteen minutes of fame” category.  The game otherwise lacked any drama at all, as Buffalo still seemed to be reeling from “wide right” the year before.

#50 – Super Bowl XLVIII  Seattle 43, Denver 8  Denver’s first play of the game turned into a safety for Seattle, and the game went downhill from there for the Broncos.  The otherwise non-dramatic contest is famous only for the fact that it remains the one and only Super Bowl played outdoors in a cold weather city, as the game was held at MetLife Stadium in the Jersey Meadowlands.  The weather was merely cool, but the Seahawks were red hot.

#49 – Super Bowl XVIII  Los Angeles Raiders 38, Washington 9  Famous only for a pick-six by linebacker Jack Squirek and a scintillating 74-yard touchdown run by Marcus Allen, the Raiders stifled the defending champion Redskins and turned it into a rout.  As was the case with Super Bowl XV, the trophy presentation from Rozelle to Al Davis provided the only drama of the day, as Davis had sued the NFL to move the Raiders from Oakland to Los Angeles.

#48 – Super Bowl XXXIII  Denver 34, Atlanta 19  Atlanta’s first ever Super Bowl appearance turned into Denver’s second straight win, which was the final game of John Elway’s career.  Fans thinking Minnesota would represent the NFC instead of Atlanta were disappointed as the Falcons were outclassed all the way by the Broncos, and the game itself provided little to no excitement.

#47 – Super Bowl XII  Dallas 27, Denver 10  The first-ever indoor Super Bowl was also Denver’s Super Bowl debut.  But Dallas, making sure they would never be called “next year’s champions” ever again, won their second Super Bowl like they did their first, in “leave no doubt” fashion.  Butch Johnson had one of the prettiest touchdown catches in Super Bowl history, and this game was the only one with two MVPs, Harvey Martin and Randy White.

#46 – Super Bowl XXXVII  Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21  Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl debut was really something.  For the only time ever, the winning head coach beat the team he coached the previous year, as Jon Gruden showed that he “could take his’n and beat your’n, then take your’n and beat his’n”.  Gruden was obviously way ahead of his old team, as Oakland QB Rich Gannon threw three pick-sixes and five total interceptions.

#45 – Super Bowl XXII Washington 42, Denver 10  This game was historic thanks to the fact that Doug Williams became the first black quarterback to play in a Super Bowl.  Otherwise, Washington dropped five touchdowns on Denver in the second quarter en route to a rout which was quite uninteresting in the second half.  Denver cut a bigger Super Bowl stinker two years later, but this was the second straight Super Bowl that John Elway and his mates were obliterated in.

#44 – Super Bowl XLI  Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17  In a downpour in Miami, the Colts slogged their way to only their second Super Bowl win in franchise history and the only one with the team based in Indiana.  Devin Hester returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown, but it was all Colts thereafter.  Peyton Manning would win his first of two Super Bowls, but it was against the worst opposing offense in SB history and on a rain-soaked field.

#43 – Super Bowl VI  Dallas 24, Miami 3  The Cowboys finally got their first title, against a Dolphin team that was as outclassed as it could be.  President Nixon called a play for Miami, they ran it, and it was an incomplete pass.  Bob Lilly sacked Bob Griese for a 29-yard loss.  Dallas had a sound game plan and executed it perfectly, but the game was really not very entertaining.  The game did lay the foundation for what the Dolphins would do the next season, in 1972.

#42 – Super Bowl XI  Oakland 32, Minnesota 14  Patriot fans are sick over this game, as they feel this should have been a win for the Patriots and not the Raiders.  Minnesota showed again that they could not play in the big game, losing their fourth Super Bowl without a win.  The only memorable play from this game was Willie (“Old Man Willie!”) Brown’s pick-six.  Otherwise, it was a convincing win by the Raiders, who got to play in this game thanks to Ben Dreith.

#41 – Super Bowl XXVIII  Dallas 30, Buffalo 13  Buffalo completed their fourth straight Super Bowl with their fourth straight loss.  A tight game was broken open in the second half, and fans across the nation who hate Dallas were disappointed again as Dallas won the second of three Super Bowls in four years.  It was Jimmy Johnson’s last game as Dallas head coach as Jones would part ways with Johnson in the offseason, a decision that Jones is still paying for to this day.

#40 – Super Bowl XV  Oakland 27, Philadelphia 10  Patriot fans may have hated this Super Bowl worse than XI.  Here’s Jim Plunkett, looking like Superman at quarterback, leading the Raiders to their second Super Bowl win.  Plunkett, a Patriot from 1971-75, was game MVP as his Raiders totally throttled the Eagles, and the game was anything but suspenseful.

#39 – Super Bowl XXXI  Green Bay 35, New England 21  Bill Parcells’ dalliance with the Jets took away any chance of the Patriots winning this game.  It was 14-10 Pats after one quarter, then 27-21 Packers in the third quarter.  But Desmond Howard scored on a 99-yard kickoff return, and Reggie White put the game away by personally bludgeoning Drew Bledsoe.  The game was at least competitive until Howard’s scamper.

#38 – Super Bowl XIX  San Francisco 38, Miami 16  This game should be a top-ten game with the quarterback matchup of Joe Montana and Dan Marino.  Instead, it was mostly a dud with the 49ers easily dominating the Dolphins.  Marino would never make it back to the Big Show, while Montana still had two more.  Game was played at Stanford University, as for some reason Palo Alto, Calif. bid for the game while San Francisco did not.

#37 – Super Bowl XXIX  San Francisco 49, San Diego 26  Steve Young had his one day totally free from the shadow of Montana, throwing for a Super Bowl record six touchdown passes to squash San Diego in their only Super Bowl appearance to date.  The Chargers were 18-point dogs in this game, and the 49ers responded with still another Super Bowl blowout win.  Young totally enjoyed this win, and let it all out during the ABC postgame show.

#36 – Super Bowl VIII – Miami 24, Minnesota 7  Still buoyant following the huge loss to Dallas two seasons ago and the perfect season the previous year, Miami bullied the Vikings with a punishing running game and thoroughly dominated this otherwise nondescript game.  This game was played in Houston, but at Rice Stadium and not the Astrodome, thinking that Rice Stadium was bigger and better equipped to handle this game.

#35 – Super Bowl XXI  NY Giants 39, Denver 20  Until Denver finally won eleven years later, the Broncos were terrible in the Big Show.  The Giants won their first title since 1956 and the first of two for Bill Parcells.  Phil Simms, roundly booed when he was drafted by the Giants in 1979, had a biblical game, completing 22 of 25 passes.  Denver led early but the Giants clobbered the Broncos 30-10 in the second half.

#34 – Super Bowl XVII  Washington 27 Miami 17  This game was the culmination of a strike year, which featured only a nine-game regular season.  The Redskins won their first Super Bowl as they gained revenge for losing to Miami ten years prior.  John Riggins broke open the game with a terrific 43-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter to give Washington the lead for good.  The strike left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, but don’t tell that to Washington fans.

#33 – Super Bowl XXX  Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17  Dallas won its third Super Bowl in four years, something the Patriots would duplicate a decade later.  This game is notable only for Larry Brown having a lucky game with two interceptions to earn game MVP honors, then was given a free agent contract by Oakland he had no business receiving and which turned out to be a bust signing for the Raiders.  Troy Aikman cemented his Hall of Fame status in the win, but coach Barry Switzer got the win with Jimmy Johnson’s guys.  No titles since for the Cowboys.

#32 – Super Bowl 50  Denver 24, Carolina 10  The silver anniversary of the Big Game did not receive the game it deserved.  Fans and media types made a big deal out of why it was Super Bowl 50 and not Super Bowl L.  Cam Newton’s lack of intestinal fortitude was badly exposed in a lost fumble play, Peyton Manning did next to nothing on offense, and the game MVP was linebacker Von Miller, and deservedly so.  The game was mostly non-entertaining.

#31 – Super Bowl I  Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10    Historically significant in that it was the first one, and the Chiefs did play the Packers tight in the first half.  But the Packers dominated the second half, and they won the mostly non-competitive inaugural Super Bowl.  After the game, Vince Lombardi acknowledged that the Chiefs didn’t measure up to the rest of the NFL.  But the win had to take its toll on Lombardi, who was under tremendous pressure to win and would be dead of cancer three years later.

#30 – Super Bowl XXXIX  New England 24, Philadelphia 21  The game was competitive up until Rodney Harrison’s late interception, but the game lacked drama and was played in a city which got a bad rap for being an inadequate host city (Jacksonville).  The Patriots did complete a three wins in four years run in Super Bowls, but the game itself remains probably the least compelling win of all the twelve Boston area sports titles in the 2000s.

#29 – Super Bowl LIII  New England 13, LA Rams 3  If you love rockfights and defensive stalemates, this game was for you.  One touchdown was scored, a fourth quarter touchdown by Sony Michel.  It is the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history and only the second one where the loser was held to only a field goal.  Bill Belichick outcoached the snot out of Sean McVay, but that’s like watching Bobby Fischer beating Boris Spassky in chess in Iceland in 1972.  Belichick and Tom Brady each won their record sixth Super Bowl, and the Patriots tied Pittsburgh for the most wins in the Big Game.

#28 – Super Bowl XXXII  Denver 31, Green Bay 24  First time Denver won one, first time Green Bay lost one.  John Elway’s whirlybird run for a first down late in the game is the indelible memory of this one, a fairly entertaining game which sent the state of Colorado into complete delirium.  Owner Pat Bowles declared “This…one’s…for…John!”, and Elway held up his first Vince with a smile that only a dentist could love.

#27 – Super Bowl XXXV  Baltimore Ravens 34, NY Giants 7  This game really hurt the feelings of all Cleveland Browns fans.  Just five years removed from abandoning perhaps the most loyal fan base in the country, the Ravens won their first Super Bowl.  This Raven defense took over as the best one-season defense in league history.  But seeing Art Modell hold up the trophy at game’s end had to be galling for all of Northeast Ohio.

#26 – Super Bowl XIV  Pittsburgh 31, LA Rams 19  Lots of football observers liked this Super Bowl the best at the time, even though the one the year before was much better.  It was close until the Steelers blew it open with two touchdowns in the fourth quarter.  Pittsburgh won their fourth Super Bowl in six years, and this was the last curtain call for the Steel Curtain defense.

#25 – Super Bowl IV  Kansas City 23, Minnesota 7  Again, history reigns supreme over what was a nondescript blowout win by the Chiefs over an unprepared Viking powerhouse team.  Kansas City, a huge underdog, fired one last salvo for the AFL on the day it ceased to exist.  The last pre-merger title game helped set up the Super Bowl for what it would become.  The Chiefs finished the job the Jets began the previous year.  Hank Stram became a rock star by being miked the entire game.

#24 – Super Bowl LII  Philadelphia 41, New England 33  Bill Belichick will take this to his grave.  Why didn’t he play Malcolm Butler?  The result was one of the worst defensive performances in Super Bowl history.  A nondescript coach and backup quarterback bested Belichick and Tom Brady.  Brady had a game for the ages, but it was wasted thanks to the defense.  Philly won their first title since 1960, but this was definitely one game where the better team didn’t win.

#23 – Super Bowl IX  Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota 6  Finally, after 42 years in the league, the Steelers won a championship.  Art Rooney stoically accepted the Lombardi Trophy as the rest of the football world happily looked on.  Pittsburgh flexed its defensive might by scoring the first safety in Super Bowl history, and by holding the Vikings to only 17 team rushing yards.  The Steelers were now top dogs in the NFL and would stay so for the rest of the decade.

#22 – Super Bowl LIV  Kansas City 31, San Francisco 20  After 50 years, the Chiefs finally played in, and won, a second Super Bowl.  Patrick Mahomes began his ascent to being the future figurehead of the league with a brilliant performance, and Jimmy Garoppolo showed the nation (including Patriot Nation) that he is not quite the prime time quarterback he would like to be by throwing two picks and surrendering a game-clinching sack in the fourth quarter.

#21 – Super Bowl XLVII  Baltimore Ravens 34, San Francisco 31  This game is famous for being nicknamed the “Harbaugh Bowl”, as John’s Ravens took on Jim’s 49ers in the first head coaching brother duel in the Super Bowl.  Baltimore jumped out to a good lead before a light malfunction in the third quarter at the Superdome in New Orleans gave the 49ers time to regroup and mount a comeback.  Jim is now back in the NFL, and we look forward to a Chargers-Ravens Super Bowl and some brotherly revenge possible.

#20 – Super Bowl VII  Miami 14, Washington 7  History again takes precedence here as Miami completed the one and only perfect season in league history.  The Dolphins finished 17-0 after holding off the Redskins in the final quarter.  This game showed a team’s real attitude towards the kicker, as Miami players and coaches threatened Garo Yepremian with bodily harm after his foolish attempt at a pass off a blocked field goal attempt (which was returned for a scoop and score by Dick Bass) if the Dolphins lost the game.

#19 – Super Bowl XVI  San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 21  This was the first Super Bowl played in a cold weather city (Pontiac, Michigan), and the game that launched the 49ers dynasty.  Joe Montana was surgical in dissecting the Bengals’ defense, and despite both teams playing quite well, Montana proved to be the difference as he brought San Francisco its first title as a city (the NBA’s Golden State Warriors were based in Oakland back then).

#18 – Super Bowl XLV  Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 26  This game featured two teams with a rich Super Bowl history between them.  The Steelers made a game of it until the Packers put them away in the fourth quarter with a Mason Crosby field goal and a defensive stand.  This game put Aaron Rodgers on the map, even though he has not been back to the big game since.

#17 – Super Bowl LV  Tampa Bay 31, Kansas City 9  San Francisco should pop in the tape of this game if they want to see how to shut down Patrick Mahomes.  Meanwhile, all of Patriot Nation looked on in disgust as Tom Brady, in his first season as a Buccaneer, won his seventh Super Bowl.  The first three Tampa Bay TDs were all scored by ex-Patriots (two by Rob Gronkowski and one by Antonio Brown).  Lots of indigestion at New England game parties.

#16 – Super Bowl XLIV  New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17  It’s games like this one which prevent most experts from putting Peyton Manning on the same pedestal as Tom Brady.  The Saints played in and won their first ever Super Bowl, with Tracy Porter’s pick-six clinching the win.  Drew Brees outshined Manning the entire game, and the scene of him holding his baby during the celebration was the most indelible moment of this Super Bowl.  Predictably, Bourbon Street went nuts in celebration.

#15 – Super Bowl LVII  Kansas City 38, Philadelphia 35  Just last year, Patrick Mahomes again showed the league that he reigns supreme.  On a slippery field in Arizona, both teams put on an offensive show.  The Eagles’ 35 points were the most by a losing team.  This was one of those games where “whoever had the ball last wins”.  Harrison Butker’s 27-yard field goal with eight seconds left decided the game.

#14 – Super Bowl XLVI  NY Giants 21, New England 17  Another close loss to an inferior team on paper for the Patriots.  Dedicating the season to the memory of Myra Kraft, the Patriots once again ran up against a buzzsaw defense from the Giants who played a better game.  Eli Manning hit a sick completion to Mario Manningham to ignite the game-winning fourth quarter drive.  The exciting game came down to a Hail Mary, which the Giants were able to knock down and seal the win.  Wes Welker committed one of the costliest pass drops in Super Bowl history just prior to the winning Giant drive.

#13 – Super Bowl LVI  LA Rams 23, Cincinnati 20  Matthew Stafford gets traded from Detroit to the Rams, and in his first season is a world champ.  Joe Burrow played in his first ever Super Bowl with the Bengals and the game was a taut and tough battle.  Aaron Donald sealed the win by disrupting Burrow on a fourth down pass, and the Rams ran out the clock.  Cincinnati has lost three very tough Super Bowls without winning one, each game a fun game to watch.

#12 – Super Bowl X  Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17  Of the first 20 Super Bowls, Dallas and Pittsburgh authored the two finest games.  This game featured the best two defenses in the league at the time.  In the end, Pittsburgh made just a few more plays than Dallas, including Lynn Swann making the most spectacular catch in Super Bowl history (shut up, Giants fans).  Very competitive and exciting game.

#11 – Super Bowl III  NY Jets 16, Baltimore Colts 6  History again reigns supreme here.  Very simply, the most important game in NFL history.  An AFL team beat a 19-point favorite NFL team, and beat them easily, to win the first Super Bowl for an AFL team and to establish the Super Bowl as the game it would eventually turn into.  The game was mostly sloppy, with Earl Morrall playing the worst game of his career and several missed field goals by both teams.  The Colts never got over this loss, even when they won two years later.  Joe Namath correctly predicted they would win, and did not throw a fourth quarter pass because he didn’t need to.

#10 – Super Bowl XIII  Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31  This was the other matchup between these two powerhouses of the 1970s, and this one was a classic.  It’s too bad that many people remember this game for Jackie Smith’s dropped touchdown pass from Roger Staubach.  Staubach and Terry Bradshaw put on a quarterback duel for the ages.  A furious Dallas comeback in the fourth quarter fell short, as Pittsburgh won for the third time in the decade.

#9 – Super Bowl XLII  NY Giants 17, New England 14  That the Patriots were able to continue their dynasty over 20 years is remarkable after the most devastating loss in franchise history.  With an 18-0 record going into the game, the Patriots were bludgeoned by a defensive front seven that reduced the Patriot offensive line to turnstyles.  A sick catch by David Tyree, the most important play in Super Bowl history (again, shut up, Giants fans) led to the winning touchdown in the final minute.  The perfect Patriot season was simply not to be.

#8 – Super Bowl XXV  NY GIants 20, Buffalo 19  Wide right.  That’s all you need to tell a Bills fan.  Giants defensive coordinator Bill Belichick devised such a genius game plan to shut down the Buffalo offense that it is in the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.  Backup quarterback Jeff Hostetler kept the game close, and the game came down to Scott Norwood trying a 47-yard field goal to win it.  Credit Buffalo fans for embracing the kicker following the titanic missed field goal.  Buffalo would appear in the next three Super Bowls, losing all of them.  This is the one they really could have won, but it just didn’t happen.

#7 – Super Bowl XXXVIII  New England 32, Carolina 29  A weird game became one for the ages in the fourth quarter.  Both the first and third quarters of this game were scoreless.  But the second and fourth quarters featured maybe the most compelling quarterback duel in Super Bowl history between Tom Brady and Jake Delhomme.  The fourth quarter had five touchdowns and a field goal.  Brady had the last laugh, as Adam Vinatieri kicked a 41-yard field goal with eight seconds left to seal the win.

#6 – Super Bowl XLIII  Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23  The Cardinals were playing in their first ever Super Bowl and their first NFL title game since 1948.  A franchise known mostly for losing, the Cardinals stood toe to toe with the Steelers and almost won the game.  Larry Fitzgerald, on his only real day in the sun, showed the nation how brilliant he is with seven catches for 127 yards and two touchdowns.  But Santonio Holmes made a brilliant catch for a touchdown with 35 seconds left to break the hearts of all Cardinal players and fans.  The Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl, tied for the most in history.

#5 – Super Bowl XXIII  San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16  If Super Bowl XVI put Joe Montana on the map, this one secured his place in Canton.  Montana won his third Super Bowl with one of the greatest late game drives in NFL history.  He hit John Taylor with a 10-yard scoring strike with 34 seconds left.  Cincinnati overcame major obstacles in this game; the scratch of running back Stanley Wilson and the horrific injury to Tim Krumrie, to almost win this game.  This game was the last for 49ers head coach Bill Walsh, who is credited with the invention of the West Coast offense.

#4 – Super Bowl XXXIV  St. Louis Rams 23, Tennessee 16  One yard short.  That’s what you avoid saying to Titans fans.  A scintillating game between the Rams and the Titans came down to a total of 36 inches.  The Rams’ “greatest show on turf” was fun to watch, but the stubborn Titans and quarterback Steve McNair held close all game long.  On the game’s final play, McNair hit Kevin Dyson on a slant in pass from the right side.  Linebacker Mike Jones stopped him just short of the goal line.  Dyson needed ten yards and got nine.  Time expired.  The Rams won as head coach Dick Vermeil wept.

#3 – Super Bowl XXXVI  New England 20, St. Louis Rams 17  This game was so great, even the halftime show with U2 was the best one ever.  The game was a salute to the victims of September 11, and it turned into the third biggest upset in Super Bowl history.  The Patriots finally broke through and won a Super Bowl on their third try, as Tom Brady put himself on the NFL map with a great last minute drive.  The Patriot defense pummeled the Rams’ offense senseless until midway through the fourth quarter.  Adam Vinatieri won the game with a walkoff 48-yard field goal, the first walkoff win in Super Bowl history.

#2 – Super Bowl XLIX  New England 28, Seattle 24  To this day, former Patriot head coach Pete Carroll will never live that call down.  Not running Marshawn Lynch at the goal line in the final seconds of the game was stupefying.  Scott Zolak called it “the dumbest play call I’ve ever seen!”  NBC’s Cris Collinsworth was beside himself:  “If I lose the Super Bowl because Marshawn Lynch cannot score from the one yard line, so be it!  So be it!”  Malcolm Butler’s interception on the fateful play put him on the NFL map, if only briefly.  “Malcolm, go!”  are the two most famous words in Patriot history.

#1 – Super Bowl LI  New England 34, Atlanta 28 (OT)  Down 28-3 in the third quarter, the Patriots authored the greatest comeback in NFL history.  Tom Brady methodically carved up the tired Falcon defense, Julian Edelman contributed with an unbelievable catch, and the Patriots scored two two-point conversions in the fourth quarter to tie the game.  In the first overtime game in Super Bowl history, James White scored on a two-yard touchdown run to end the game.  Brady and Bill Belichick won their fifth Super Bowls, and Brady his fourth MVP.  With all the history and pulse-pounding excitement, this game was the best.

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