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Zolak Report on "Big News" [Ron Howard voice: There was no news]


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Saw Hopkins is posting cryptic Instagram stories about Buffalo, so that's not great.


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Maybe 98.5 is replacing Boring Bob Socci, someone who makes Sean McDonough seem like the life of the party.


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Has Zo' ever broke any big news? To be a former Patriot player that still works for the team he seems to have minimal sources LOL.


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Last week Zolak claimed the Gesicki signing was the "first domino" on offense with more to come. Today he says there will be "big news" before tomorrow morning's show. I guess we'll see but I wouldn't hold my breath - it's Zolak after all. There's a chance he knows something, but it's like, a 15% chance at best.

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Patricia is being name successor and co head coach.

Brady is joining the organization in some capacity.
Brady retirement party.
Patriots are trading for Tee Higgins.


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Zolak is nuts. I can't remember what he reported earlier, but he immediately said something different an hour later.

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