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Yahoo! ranks all 20 Pats teams

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Dec 6th

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Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Let’s take a break from Tom vs Bill and debate ranking the teams the last 20 years.

2015 team should be ranked higher.

2012 team was way better than 2011 team.

2014 team over 2003 team is a joke.

I like this. The Tom vs Bill debate is lame. They would both be great with each other given that Bill had a good QB and Brady had a good HC.

At full health the 2007 Pats we're #1 followed by 2004 and 2003.

Losing Roosevelt Colvin at the end of season severely weakened the def. Losing Faulk and Stephen Neal in the first and second qtr of Superbowl hurt the offense.

Without those injuries we have the perfect season and greatest team in NFL history.

We have the also have the greatest team in NFL history if the refs call holding or the sack when within the grasp or if Samuel or Meriwether hold on the Ints


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
2015 team was so good, it all went downhill starting with the Dion Lewis injury. They still almost made it to the Super Bowl.

I also put 2003 in my top three. Pats defense was so dominant.
2015 team was undefeated until injuries hit.

Without injuries who knows how the rest of the season goes


The FRG has a little **** Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Looking back at these teams. Which one of these teams is Bill trying to recreate with this 2021 roster? Is he trying for a 2001 team or what? I don't get it.

Joker Supporter Supporter
every season's team is its' own entity....clicks drive these polls


Author of the Port Huron Statement Supporter
04 was great but was dependent on different rules.

The emphasis on def holding changes how good that def could be.

The 07 team when healthy was unbeatable
04 lost their 2 starting CBs (1 HoF) and still won the SB.

Ice_Ice_Brady Supporter Supporter
Super Bowl Champs
1. 2004
2. 2016
3. 2014
4. 2003
5. 2018
6. 2001

Non Super Bowl Champs
1. 2007
2. 2015
3. 2017
4. 2010
5. 2011
6. 2012
7. 2006
8. 2013
9. 2019
10. 2009
11. 2005
12. 2002
13. 2008
14. 2000


Pro Bowl Player
2013 team was very good if not for injuries, defense was outstanding that year. Offense was meh at wr but look at the point totals with gronk in they were good enough. missing mayo, wilfork , gronk and then talib going down in the afcc was a deathblow. They still had a chance to pull it out.

2005 was way better than 2009. Just had the flukish nightmare in Denver or they’re hosting the afcc. 2009 was one of the worst teams.

as stated, 2015 and 2010 is way too low. 2017 team would’ve been special with je and ht. Probably One of the best


Pro Bowl Player
It wasn’t a fluke. They lost 3 straight times to that team between 2005-2006.

might want to rewatch that game in particular. We were moving up and down the field but had a bunch of turnovers. Adam v missed a gimme, troy muffed a punt, brady threw a virtual pick 6 , kevin faulk fumbled, (aka players you dont typically expect to f up), every close call went denver’s way. The other 2 games, yes, denver pretty much dominated us but we really blew this one.


Face of the Franchise Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
My ranking with notes on notable years:

Super Bowl Champs
1. 2004. Dillon puts them over the top. My favorite D was 2003, but this team stopped a more dynamic offense in the big game without their two starting CB’s.
2. 2003. Teams could not run or throw on this D. It was fun to watch teams get so frustrated. They are below 2004 because they let Dellhome go wild in the Super Bowl.
3. 2016
4. 2014
5. 2018
6. 2001

Non Super Bowl Champs
1. 2007. Colvin loss was overlooked because AD couldn’t defend TE’s. He was awesome that year rushing the passer though harassing Eli all day in the Super Bowl. Sammy Morris was also a major loss. Stephen Neal in the big game. Brady getting injured against SD.
2. 2015. Could’ve run the table for another undefeated season if not for injuries.
3. 2017
4. 2012. Team is overlooked. They were rolling on offense with the emergence of Stevan Ridley. Had Gronk and Talib not got injured, they beat beat Baltimore and face SF. Ridley getting knocked out by Pollard was tough to watch and he was never the same since.
5. 2011. They most likely beat the Giants with a healthy Gronk. He could barely run this game.
6. 2006. Defense was really good against the run. Ty Warren had he best year as he was a monster against the run. Asante Samuel breakout year. However, they could not stop a TE which caught up to them in the AFCCG. Offense was below par.
7. 2010
8. 2013
9. 2009
10. 2005. Big drop off from 2004. Dillon fell off of a cliff and defense lost a lot of players.
11. 2019
12. 2002
13. 2008
14. 2000
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PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
LOL. All 20 teams. I have the same bias.

We're short a few dozen heah.