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Will we likely have the divisions #4 QB in 2020?

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Sep 26th

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If anybody in Miami has half a brain, they should be blowing up caserio’s phone.
Caserio would take a 21 million dollar cap hit trading watson, so why would he do that? to pick up a few draft picks? the texans are already 18m over next years cap... that would just compound problems... they arent going to trade watson...

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Caserio would take a 21 million dollar cap hit trading watson, so why would he do that? to pick up a few draft picks? the texans are already 18m over next years cap... that would just compound problems... they arent going to trade watson...

if Watson’s relationship with the team is truly damaged beyond repair, then the logical course of action is to make the best out of the situation.

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If Bienemy is hired it would be the first peg in repairing the damage done by the Obrien regime. Sure management in many cases is hard to work for sometimes, but when they trade the best player on your team for a 2nd rounder thats enough to send a player over the top. It’s probably too late.

Houston could move Watson to Miami, draft OT Sewell Oregon pick 3 , move Tunsil to lg, which solidifies the left side of the line instantly. Use the other first and draft rb Etienne out of Clemson. Use a 2nd and draft best wr available. Ride Tua and see what you got. Transform the team right away.


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What a terrible situation for the Texans. If he says he wants a trade I would have him restructure his deal to remove the no trade clause before they begin negotiations. He can sit suspended a year unpaid if he refuses or come back and play and honor his deal. That's if he actually refuses a trade because he doesn't like the destination. He might be willing to go anywhere.

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The 49ers only have $12M in cap space so trading JimmyG would free them up a lot, but a rookie QB might set them back a few years. Not sure if BB wants to take a $25M cap hit.
If Belichick wants him Jimmy G is a reasonable 2 year veteran bridge for the patriots. However, I don't the patriots are waiting until the time of the draft to sign a veteran quarterback.
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I’m an experienced Madden GM, here are the moves I make that BB won’t:

Trade for Matt Stafford.
Draft Mac Jones & Jaylen Waddle.

Then sign TY Hilton & Hunter Henry.
Take away the Stafford trade and this would still be a dream scenario.
49ers will draft a QB in the 1st and trade Garoppolo to the Pats
If he's cut I think we take him, but man, I know I've said it in a few threads now but bringing him back as the guy for the next 2-3 years is such a bad move.

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We will likely draft a QB or more likely in the 2nd. Will this QB be better than Tua in 2020? Will he even be better than Fitzy who he would need to be ahead of to be the #4 instead of the #5.

Will we bring in a veteran who is better than Tua or Fields? We might; but it would cost.

will have a better QB

will have Tua plus a veteran

will lively have Fields or Wilson
The post I'm responding to was posted by @mgteich and not Ring 6.
You're making too many assumptions and not giving Bill enough credit.
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We don't need to get into the reading comprehension comment (let's not do that), but I 100% agree with you on your premise in terms of it absolutely being a discussion worth having, especially given the ascension of Josh Allen and potentially Tua in Miami. It's a bizarre state of affairs and I definitely agree with you in terms of this season being hard to argue in that I think Newton barely edged out Darnold. That's an odd situation to be in.

Heading into next season, my gut initially believed Garoppolo would be the quarterback in 2021 but someone on WEEI mentioned the possibility of San Francisco being in play. He suggested the Texans sending Watson there while giving Houston Garoppolo for the sake of getting Watson out of the conference vs making a deal with Miami. That obviously makes sense, which sets up a potential landing spot I hadn't thought of.

Outside of Jimmy G - I don't really feel like the Patriots will have enough trust to pay anyone else a large sum. They just don't do it, which essentially takes them out of the market for top-tier quarterbacks. I don't really have a sense yet as to who they might target in the early or lower rounds of the draft because I haven't delved into that yet, but given that they don't really have anyone other than Stidham and Hoyer heading into next year, barring an improvement with the Jets, the Patriots could very well be battling it out in terms of QB talent at the bottom of the division.

As for their record? Belichick is obviously the wild card. But when it comes to the QB, there's reason to be a little concerned because there aren't any guarantees. To make matters worse, this is such a key season for New England because they really need to do something to make some sort of forward progress. This season was irritating because they walked away from this year with really nothing to show for it. As I mentioned before, at least at the end of 2008 we walked away from it having seen Matt Cassel grow and develop, which they were able to turn into a decent draft pick, not to mention that watching his development over the course of the season was a nice subplot and made the year enjoyable to follow. And they ended up building an asset that they were able to cash in.

This year? They took a chance on Newton which clearly did something - according to all the reports we heard - to seemingly affect whatever confidence Stidham had heading into training camp. I never would have guessed after what he showed in rough times in Carolina that Newton would have been the more mentally tough player yet Stidham didn't seem to rise to the challenge, which is incredibly disappointing. I was excited for a season of watching a young guy develop and seeing where that went. The more I've had time to think about it, the fact Belichick (who historically roots for the underdog if he can get equal/better play for similar money) completely gave up on him speaks volumes.

As a result, they head into this offseason with essentially Hoyer (if Belichick is really done with Stidham) and that's it. Stidham might fetch a conditional 7th if they're lucky because he was just good enough to make many of us wish he was out there thanks to a few good plays.

So yes, while we have no one "yet", it's hard not to agree with @mgteich that New England could very well finish with the 4th best QB in the division next season. And - while, again, it's a strange situation to be in - none of us can believe otherwise until they do something about it.

The only thing we know is that the Bills have a good QB and that Tua and Donald aren't anything special. After that everything else is assumptions based on draft picks and Bill sitting on his butt and ignoring the QB position.

In Bill I trust.

yukon cornelius

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he's on record saying jets are first choice, miami second

not sure how the hiring of culley effects this yet........early indications are that he could be the type of guy he was asking for, in terms of changing the culture