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Why Mac Jones playing this year is important

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I'm a fan of his for sure but I feel like I'm pretty objective as opposed to the board who have been completely over the top since he came out.

Not sure if you caught the opinions here pre-draft but posters here thought he'd be a complete bust and wouldn't make it as a QB. One of the long time draftniks here said he should switch positions or fill out an application for McDonald's lol.

Guy wins an MVP at like 22 yo, passes for almost 70 TD the last two years and clearly demonstrates he's an above average pocket passer and people are still puking up the same trash.

I could care less if people like him or not. It's just when we talk about him on the field, as a QB, let's come correct. There's plenty to go after him over and I'll gladly have that discussion.

There's a few problems though. Most here are incapable of moving off an opinion even if they've been proving wrong like they have been with Jackson. And with respect most just don't have a clue what to look for or give any real insight towards the position. It's bottom of the barrel type stuff.

It gets boring.
If you think it's boring for you you need to walk a mile in our shoes. You've been pushing for this guy since day 1 and he's gotten worse in each season, both in wins and statistics. It shows that the NYFL is catching up to the Ratbirds' gimmick offense.

As usual, you're right and the rest of the world is wrong.

1960Pats Supporter Supporter
Not just that he isnt going to last- the most important thing is that it doesnt give your team any chance for sustained success. Having a qb like say, a younger Cam or even a L.Jackson doesn't allow you to mount a comeback in a big game where youre down,say,28-3.
No team could come back from down 28-3 late in a game, especially in a SB. You're talking crazy talk now.