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Who will be the next 'ultimate Patriot'?

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Oct 17th

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Boston Boxer

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Re-reading this article made me realize how much I miss JE11. To me, he is the all-time ultimate Patriot eclipsing even Tom Brady and the likes of Troy Brown, Willie McGinest, Tedy Bruschi, etc.

IF ONLY he hadn't been out drinking with his buds. IF ONLY the Pats were still in the playoffs. Fate conspired against Julian 'Edelman making him jump onto a car and get arrested for vandalism. So damn funny.

So who will be next in line for Ultimate Patriot honors? To qualify, a player must (A) have longevity, (B) possess team-first attitude and (C) rise from relative obscurity and defy all odds to play an important role in winning games, epitomizing the Patriot Way. Current candidates would include Matthew Slater, maybe Devin McCourty and David Andrews. Who's next?
James White comes to mind. Slater is a good call as well


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All the previous names are all worthy, but among the newer guys, I think David Andrews needs to get a few votes. Team player, overcame adversity, humble beginnings (RUDFA), and damned good

Right, I mentioned him in the opening post.