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Steve Balestrieri believes that whoever wins on Sunday will likely be the one to raise the Lombardi trophy in Houston

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@michaelFhurley if only ball carriers could throw debris at tacklers, like jacks or marbles. Game-changer

Punching Wallach today because fred & Rich are stupid. #Hammertime

@chatham58 being able to use your blocker as a bowling ball is a rare skill

RT @CSNNE: AFC Championship may not be legacy game for the #Patriots , but it is for the #Patriots - @DJ_Bean

This is what I needed this morning. Thanks Ryan! Great stuff.

You are reading this correctly: The Patriots have a team magician (@logan32) and here's his story…

@MikeyRads @maxwellsparr ...not sure what point she's trying to make here? Is it that Rotten Tomatoes is dumb/wrong?

Pats sked: Bill Belichick presser (9a); practice (1130a); locker-room access (115p); pressers w/ Tom Brady, Logan Ryan, Nate Solder (115p).

Look what's already out in advance of Sunday. Anticipation here @GilletteStadium building with today's final presse…

@danmateus @CSNNE @pfwpaul @985TheSportsHub I literally haven't heard a single person predict that or even insinuate it could happen.

@Badseedz187 yeah, unfortunately haven't gotten as much opportunity to look deep at them. Maybe next week :)

@Nikhil_Laksh they don't just allow them to red zone, competitive to that point. It's just they don't over-commit in getting to that point

Wow. They already remodeled the White House.

From old #Steelers study notes, pre-snap movement w/ Antonio Brown used to be a BIG thing in red zone. Curious if they use more vs #Steelers

On this note, both KC & Pitt (facing Hill) seemed content to directionally kick OB or shorter hang-time, fair catch…

Going up on @periscopeco in 1 minute ... My kids/dog might interrupt.

@aburt63 potential there, sure. But struggles on the road stretch throughout season. They've struggled coming up w/ consistent answers

@StacyGSG I'm in. My only question: if I survive and become a convert, can I teach Greeny how to grill?

Last year I broke down this sick Antonio Brown PR TD. Ryan Allen, #Patriots coverage must limit opportunities Sunday

RT @CSNNE: Trash Talk: Is Antonio Brown or Le’Veon Bell the bigger threat? - @PFWPaul @JumboHart #Patriots #Patriots

@aburt63 no red zone TDs though. Having a real hard time seeing past last week. Good in field, less so when it counts.

@BostonPatriot86 TV picks have no consequence, it's just low-study theater. Sometimes they're just fading their counterparts to win on picks

@Nikhil_Laksh exactly. Better philosophy take w/ Patriots offense, why the do it. With = amount of possessions,they almost always score more

@Nikhil_Laksh obviously neither is good, but they roll w/ lesser or two evils, typically. KC thinking old coach, Bob Sutton

@Nikhil_Laksh naw, philosophy is more field yards are OK if ya tighten on high-red in. Overplay low & give up big pass play, don't want that

RT @Greg_Brody: @jwiggs85 tell Melissa if she comes down with the flu it shouldn't effect her ability to be on radio. Obviously it will eff…

Who are we? (sticky?)

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by dryheat44, Mar 2, 2006.

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    Mrs dryheat44's husband.
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    White male
    Job: Defense sector scrub
    Grew up in Virginia
    Registered Party: Never have, never will
    Military: Processed at 30 years old and was two weeks away from my board before being cut off when the Army lowered the max age to 29.
    Abortion: No firm stance, but generally against abortions after 20 weeks.
    Gays: I'd prefer civil unions for all people but since marriage is the parlance of the times, let them marry. Just don't force a religious person to violate their faith to perform the ceremony if they do not wish to.
    Capital Punishment: In favor of it on a limited basis with some reform necessary.
    Drugs: legalize on a case-by-case basis
    Taxes: prefer lower with a better eye on wasteful spending in Washington.
    War: I see it as an extension of diplomacy, but abhor it. I favored Afghanistan to an extent. We overstayed out mission. I was against Iraq in 2003 mostly because I didn't see a viable plan of what the end goal was. War is not something to engage from the hip.
    Patriot Act: Against, against, against!!!
    Guns: Pro. While I tend to theoretically be on the radical side, I recognize the need for some compromise given the decline in societal values. So I don't favor fully automatic weapons having wide availability. Most modern gun control is silly at best, and an existential threat to our republic at worst.
    Civil liberties: When someone can define what this means, I'll answer.
    Middle East: I support Israel's right to exist and defend itself. We need to stay out unless we need to throw our weight around to prevent a war that would economically or otherwise threaten us in a direct manner.
    Election reform: Yes, please
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