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Which Of Our OT's can play LT?


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If Brown is motivated by his new coaches, Belichick may be much happier with his OT's than we are,

LT: Brown, Reiff
RT: Anderson, McDermott (or Cajuste)
Isn't this a serious improvement over 2022, even before we draft an OT.
i think this is more likely with the current group
LT: Brown, Anderson
RT: Reiff, anderson, cajuste

Joker Supporter Supporter
Darnell Wright or Paris Johnson or mountainous Dawand Jones...whichever they deem the best fit....


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
I think Trent Brown is the starter at LT unless Calvin Anderson is ready to take the job.

Even if one of Paris Johnson, Skoronski and Broderick Jones is available at 14 I’m not sure we want to make one of those guys the day one starter at LT.

The good news is, the offense this year should have hot routes built in, in case of blitz. Last season teams blitzed with more players than the Pats had blockers but our receivers still would be running intermediate to deep routes. Also Trent Brown was left on an island more than most left tackles, I expect BoB to not make the same mistake. A lot of the issues with the line last year were coaching so it’s hard for me to know how to think of the holdovers from last season.


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i think this is more likely with the current group
LT: Brown, Anderson
RT: Reiff, anderson, cajuste
That seems most likely to me also, though feel like McDermott might be more likely to be the third guy at RT. Cajuste has been fine but the man can’t stay healthy for 5 minutes, do you want to have to turn to him when your top two guys are already hurt and then have him also immediately get hurt? It’s insult to injury - literally.

Hyped Supporter Supporter
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IMO, there are only two “week-1-plug-in-and-start” LTs within range of the #14 pick draft and they are:

OSU’s Paris Johnson and UGA’s Broderick Jones

If neither is available at #14, I say Brown and Reiff are our starting tackles in week 1.

One-If-By-Sea Supporter Supporter
Reiff and Anderson are not starters and Brown looked uninterested last year. I think we are forced into starting Brown but possibly at RT and then draft a LT very early. I would be happy with that. My concerns is the amount of Tackles on the roster might suggest that they think they have their starters already.

I think this is correct but I am not sure the Pats are confident an early LT draft pick will start day 1, so they signed veteran stopgaps too. Also is injury depth.

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