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When will we see the Pats get another big time WR?

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We could develop a deep threat receiver out of Dobson Tyms or elsewhere, but it's doubtful we employ a big time WR again, for various reasons.

One reason is, they are the most overpriced in relation to team success of any players. How many teams have to go into the playoffs with big numbers only to be shot sown [we've been on both sides].

They take a long time to get open. Brady is the best at using various quick receivers and TEs to destroy defenses. Get rid of the ball.

Randy Moss distorted our offense. As Brady took deeper drops, our quick timing offense suffered and that means vulnerability to the pass rush. Quick receivers, great tight ends, get rid of the ball. this formula has arguably led to the most unstoppable offenses ever.

Brady is among the league leaders when throwing the ball within 2 seconds or less. He led the league when throwing it between 2 and 2.5 seconds. In other words it takes a special QB to read the defense, adjust the play, find the open guy and accurately throw it within 2.5 seconds. On the other hand Brady is among the worst after 2.6 seconds simply because the offensive scheme is designed for quick reads and throws. They do stretch the field now and then to keep the defense honest but their bread and butter is the quick release.


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I would have hoped that by now Patriot fans would FINALLY understand how the WR position is easily one of the most "replaceable" positions on the field for the simple reason that there are more capable ones available than almost any other position.

One of the reasons the Pats have been able to maintain that thin sliver of advantage that has allowed them to attain their CONSTISTANT success has been the fact that they have never fallen for the long disproved myth that you have to pay big for a big name RB or WR.

Make no mistake, would I LIKE to have DThomas, or DBryant on the team? Absolutely. However would I be comfortable paying $14MM/yr for the privilege? I don't think so. WR's, ANY WR, just can't impact the game enough to justify that kind of salary and investment. It's been proven year after year When so often the BEST WR's aren't playing in January.

The Pats gave up the opportunity to draft Dez Bryant, who after a few years has become arguably the most impactful WR in the league. BUT Dallas never got beyond 8-8 despite his abilities, and having a great QB UNTIL they made the commitment to invest heavily in their OL

Again the simple reason WR's don't merit the hype they get, is that behind that limited group of elite WR's are dozens of guys who are ALMOST as good, and certainly good enough to run a good offensive scheme, led by a quality QB. That's why I'm constantly amazed with the national fascination, for all thing linked to WR's. To say they are a dime a dozen is an exaggeration, but it's not that far from the truth. An impact DT is worth more than an impact WR, simply because they are more rare.

Or, as Cold Hard Football Facts said (back when they were still a thing) the WR is the shiny hood ornament of the NFL.


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When one takes a 'minimum' salary, or after Brady retires/declines significantly (or maybe longer, if JAG can serve as a poor man's Brady for a while). Until then, you'll hear the crazy "don't need WRs!" nonsense being spouted again and again, because the homers either don't know, or don't remember, life without Brady/BB.

Another swing and a miss by the resident contrarian.

No one is saying Pats don't need WRs, they're saying Pats don't need a $9m+ per WR. They just won SB and their #1-3 WR were a combined $7.7m cap hit. Which this year they are a combined $11.2m cap hit. '

Also don't forget that the Pats currently have THE best TE in the game. Who after this year is due $6.5m and $7m in the following two seasons, god forbid Rosenhaus and Gordie get in his ear and convince him to holdout.

But ya Pats should go get that $9m+ WR when they have two defensive guys (Collins and Hightower) they must extend, another guy (Jones) they should extend if they can and the possibility of a new Gronk deal.
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We have one of best QB's of all time.

We have one of the best receivers of all time.

We continue to have one of the best offenses of all time.

And we continue to want to use $10-$15M a year to replace Edelman or LaFell with a "top receiver". I simply don't understand this position.
Nor do I; it is so counter-productive.


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I'd love for us to get another Moss. A pretty cheap boom or bust type of WR. But I don't want us to sign a big name WR, because that costs a lot of cash. Edelman and LaFell together are much cheaper than one of the top receivers in the league, and honestly I'd rather have Edelman and LaFell and another few million to spend than Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas or another of the big name guys. I prefer a good and very good WR over one elite WR, because I think that the chance that one of two good/very good guys are open and can make the catch is higher than the chance of one elite guy being open and can make the catch.


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Obviously, as others have pointed out, you mean, "when will we get another tall, fast, vertical WR who can wrestle for jump balls." My answer: probably not on purpose, not for a lot of money, and not in the near future. We have a big time WR named Julian Edelman, and 2 more that are capable of big time games on the biggest stage.

What bothered me about Moss wasn't a 'diva' or unpleasant off-field attitude as was so widely reported... it was the curling up in a fetal position after catching a ball over the middle, or blocking guys with his fingertips. The WRs we have now are ballers and will go to war (Amendola had to be coached into going out of bounds instead of getting injured because he'd rather hit one more guy in the mouth. Per Brady, LaFell runs like a running back. And JE is the second coming of Achilles.)

IMO it has proven to make a bigger difference to get a big time RB. Remember how we rode Dillon? And he wasn't at the caliber of someone like AP or Lynch. Blount can carry the load, but in reality, he's just a borderline #1 RB.


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I couldn't give two hoots for the name. All you need to do is play hard, run your route, block and get open. If you do that, Brady will find you. The current collection of pass catchers have shown they're willing, capable, and able to do all four. If Dobson can get his injury **** together, season 2015 will have a special group.
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We won't see anyone as good as Moss was around these parts for a long long time..he was a freak...will we see a big time WR in the future? of course..who? IDK


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Seriously. Let's just take a look at the last ten SB winners and their #1 WR

Pats- Edelman
Seahawks- Baldwin
Ravens- T. Smith (1 season of over 800 yards)
Giants- Nicks
Packers- Jennings (Nelson had the big game but Jennings was firmly the #1 that year)
Saints- Colston
Steelers- H0lmes
Giants- Burress
Colts- Harrison
Steelers- Ward
And even before that the Patriots Super Bowl teams of the early 2000's didn't have any big #1 guy neither did the Bucs or Ravens teams that won in 2000 and 2002 respectively. So the last time a team that one the Super Bowl had that dominant receiver was when the Rams had Bruce/Holt in 99. And even then I'm not sure if either was elite at that point yet. You could even say Michael Irvin was the last elite WR to win a Super Bowl.

That's 20 years ago folks.

Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter
And even before that the Patriots Super Bowl teams of the early 2000's didn't have any big #1 guy neither did the Bucs or Ravens teams that won in 2000 and 2002 respectively. So the last time a team that one the Super Bowl had that dominant receiver was when the Rams had Bruce/Holt in 99. And even then I'm not sure if either was elite at that point yet. You could even say Michael Irvin was the last elite WR to win a Super Bowl.

That's 20 years ago folks.

You're being mighty stingy with the terms "dominant" and "elite".

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The rhetoric of.... "stretching the field".. "taking the top off of the defense".. "big time WR" are the exclusive venues of the talk radio mediots..

The reality is that our offense is prolific and bringing in a guy and paying him a lot of money does not fit the economic model of this team..

We are fine with our current cast of characters...


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Isn't it enough we just won a NFL championship without a "big-time WR"?


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You're being mighty stingy with the terms "dominant" and "elite".
Okay the greatest show on turf was a dominant passing attack that was at an extremely elite level. So for the sake of what the point is I'll say that they were the most recent. That season was still not even in the 21st century.


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I definitely agree on not having elite WR's in order to win a Super Bowl though. You see teams that are shelling out 14-15 million of cap space that can no longer be spread out due to it being all for one player. We're paying around 14 million for Edelman, Lafell, and Amendola COMBINED.

It also helps having your most dominant weapon being a TE, where he's the highest paid at his position for only 9 mil per year. ;)
I wasn't saying we should go after some big free agent stud WR, but I was more referring to how it would be nice to see us draft a guy who can come right in and be a threat alongside Gronk and Julian. Lafell is serviceable and has his moments but he has had injury issues in the past in Carolina and forget about Amendola, the guy gets hurt on the way to his mailbox, and Dobson was someone I really had high hopes for when Bill drafted him out of Marshall but he's since been a big disappointment. Tyms is a guy I had to go back and watch tape of his college work because there wasn't much to go by at the pro level, and he shows some promise but it's a big unknown at this point.

I also look at the future, Tom may or may not play for another 3-5 years, and if he doesn't, Jimmy Garoppolo is going to need as many offensive weapons to help him out along the way in developing. I know I'm looking too far down the road into this, but it's something I feel to be important if we want to reload, instead of rebuild. I think the world of Garoppolo, and was a big fan of his game in college, and think Bill struck at gold with drafting him, but he is still going to have his bumps along the way, and it would be a much smoother transition with having more toys for the kid to play with.


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forget about Amendola, the guy gets hurt on the way to his mailbox,

Yeah, let's forget about that guy that singlehandidly got us HFA and then had the 2 most clutch plays in the Ravens game and was money in the SB. Never mind the fact that he just took a huge paycut to stay and has been the standout receiver by far in OTAs this year.

Everyone just got though explaining to you that your whole point is off base and old school Madden thinking. So either you did not read any of the responses or you are trying to wriggle out of a stupid OP with more stupidity.
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